Klarna launches a followable Want lists function for its shoppers

Klarna is launching a traceable wish list function for its consumers

Klarna's wish list function allows users to save and add desired products to any online shop, set price reduction notifications for products and share their lists with family and friends

Klarna, The global payment and purchasing platform has announced the launch of traceable wishlists for buyers. This new function enables customers to create, share and track shopping wish lists in the Klarna app.

Users can also track and share wishlists curated by brands, influencers, Klarna's purchasing experts, and others to discover new products and be inspired by the Klarna app. Klarna's wish list function allows users to save and add desired products to any online shop, set price reduction notifications for products and share their lists with family and friends.

"Shopping is undergoing a dramatic change as consumers increasingly shop online and from home, but are still looking for community and approval," said David Sandström, Klarna's chief marketing officer. "Online social connections are becoming as important as real relationships, so the ability to enable this type of interaction can be powerful and add even more inspiration and value to the shopping experience."

In the USA, Adidas, Sephora, TOMS and ASOS are among the leading brands with shopping wish lists that consumers can track and share via the Klarna app. In the coming weeks, Klarna will announce partnerships with popular influencers who will use the new function to curate their favorite products via wishlists that their fans can follow and share.

Improvement is another way Klarna is innovating to provide consumers with a unique and inspiring shopping experience and to help retailers connect with their customers and take advantage of social and “squad” shopping trends.

"With the introduction of this feature, we are making shopping by nature more social and giving retailers another way to connect with customers who are known to look for product recommendations from families, friends and online sources," said David Sykes Head of US Klarna. "For our retail community, wish lists create an additional touch point where we can provide a deeper understanding of what consumers really want from brands."

For retailers, buyable, shareable wishlists not only help integrate social engagement into the customer experience, but also serve as an extensive data source that helps companies understand customers' needs.

Information such as top items on the wish list and items that are often on the wish list at certain times of the year can help retailers make merchandising and assortment decisions that are more aligned with what customers buy, ultimately leading to higher conversion leads.

Klarna's retail partners can also use this feature to create wish lists for specific events such as weddings, holidays and promotions. Followable Wish Lists are another step Klarna is taking to redefine the shopping experience as consumers increasingly shop from home and online.

In the United States, the company recently “48 Hr. Smoooth Room ”, a unique digital popup that gave US buyers the opportunity to shop in a whole new way and win products from brands like Adidas, Fender and Creagh.

From August 8th to 9th the company works with Cosmopolitan Magazine at the start of "Hauliday by Cosmo x Klarna", the first virtual shopping festival with exclusive offers from Sephora, HM, TOMS, ModCloth, rue21 and other brands in the Klarna network of more than 4,200 US retail partners.

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