Klarna companions Scotch & Soda to help world reforestation efforts

Klarna partners with Scotch & Soda to support global reforestation efforts

Scotch & Soda and Klarna commit to plant 10,000 trees in Costa Rica and Ghana to kick off the brand’s long-term partnership with Trees for All

In honor of World Rainforest Day, Klarna, the global payment provider, retail bank and shopping service, joins the Amsterdam-based fashion brand Scotch & Soda to start and support the start of the brand’s long-term partnership with “Trees for All”. Trees for All is a global foundation that has been carrying out reforestation projects in Central America, South America, Africa, Asia and the Netherlands for more than 20 years.

Scotch & Soda and Klarna have committed to plant 10,000 trees in two initiatives in Carara National Park in Costa Rica and in the Bongo District of Ghana in West Africa. Starting today, a Trees for All certified tree will be planted for every customer with every first purchase with Klarna on

Stéphane Jaspar, CMO of Scotch & Soda, commented: “We are very pleased that Klarna is working with us to launch our long-term initiative to support the Trees for All Foundation. We are excited to start helping restore local ecosystems on behalf of our customers starting today. It’s a very easy way for the Scotch & Soda community to do good and contribute to reforestation efforts in well-defined areas that need it most. “

David Sandström, Klarna CMO commented, “Fostering innovation and change to have a positive impact on the world is a core element of Klarna’s culture and as a global brand and company we have a responsibility to some of the most pressing Tackle sustainability issues. Challenges. Through this campaign with Scotch & Soda and Trees for All, we encourage and enable customers to take individual steps to take measures that together contribute to reducing and preventing deforestation worldwide. “

Of the 10,000 trees involved, 5,000 trees are used for restoration work in the ecological corridor of the Carara National Park in Costa Rica. The park is one of the most biodiverse nature reserves in Central America. However, due to the extensive deforestation, many of its plant and animal species have become scarce. Trees for All aims to restore the cloud forests in the Turrubares Mountains.

Scotch & Soda and Klarna will also bring 5,000 trees to the Bongo District of Ghana, one of the driest areas in the country. The area is home to a significant source of water that farmers and surrounding villages depend on for drinking water and irrigation of the land – the reservoir of the Vea Dam, into which the Yarigatanga River flows.

Over the next three years, Trees for All will reforest 50 kilometers of eroded riverbanks, create 150 hectares of agroforestry, plant indigenous trees and fruit trees, and train over 1,500 farmers in forest conservation and sustainable land use techniques to ensure long-term management of the area.

Simone Groenendijk, Director of Trees for All, commented: “Trees are one of the most valuable resources on earth, supporting our ecosystem and forming our rainforests, which are home to half of the world’s flora and fauna, essential for maintaining a stable climate and a vital source of water. We are very excited that Scotch & Soda and Klarna are helping us fulfill our mission of planting more trees and restoring degraded forests around the world. “

This joint reforestation initiative celebrates the partnership between Klarna and Scotch & Soda that started in October 2020. Klarna’s flexible payment methods are now available on in over 11 markets including Germany, Sweden, the UK and the US.

The campaign also follows the launch of Klarna’s global platform earlier this year. As part of the initiative, Klarna has released carbon footprint insights for all consumers who use the Klarna app and has used 1% of all funding rounds for initiatives to support the planet.

At the end of June, Scotch & Soda will begin publishing the number of trees planted on a separate “Tree for All” page on its website. This tracking tool monitors performance and, thanks to their support, keeps customers updated on the progress.

Following the initiative to introduce 10,000 trees with Klarna, Scotch & Soda will continue its long-term partnership with Trees for All by continuing to support the foundation’s project in Ghana this year and in other countries including the Netherlands in the future in Southeast Asia.

In addition, the brand is committed to further protecting forests by partnering with Canopy, a nonprofit that collectively focuses on sourcing forest products to protect the world’s ancient and endangered forests.

The global fashion industry has a significant impact on the environment as more than 200 million trees are felled and made into cellulosic fabrics each year. By participating in the CanopyStyle initiative program, Scotch & Soda undertakes to purchase 100% of the forest-based fibers used in its collections from Canopy Hot Button “green shirt” manufacturers (such as LENZING) by 2025.