KIN The Label equipment launches Pay It Ahead marketing campaign

KIN The Label accessories launches Pay It Forward campaign

KIN designers want to help others while trying to keep their business moving

KIN The label Accessory designers Sara Brady and Ashley Cornil announced that they are launching a Pay It Forward campaign. This initiative enables KIN The Label to help those affected by the COVID-19 virus by giving their customers a 20 percent discount on their website and paying part of the savings to a charity at the heart of this crisis: Direct relief. This campaign underscores KIN's commitment to sustainable fashion and the people who support this industry.

"The importance of this pandemic will have a lasting impact on our families, communities and economies," says founding partner Ashley Cornil. “This new reality we are in is uncomfortable and scary, but as we move through this reality every day, there is a silver lining. If we put our needs for the common good aside, we can only get closer as a family, community and nation. "

KIN strives to get the people they work with and the places they come from right.

"We have always been a proud brand from the USA. And in times of uncertainty like this, we cannot help but believe that the USA stands for us," says Sara. "We focus on how our brand and our product influencing people and how they feel about it. Right now people feel anxious, overwhelmed and scared. Yes, fashion is a fleeting business, but at its core it is a way to express yourself. It gives confidence and makes you feel good And I think we can all use some of it now. "

KIN The Label has been making hats since 2014. What started as a weekend workshop in Millinery soon became a hobby of blocking hats from the sisters' city garage. Not long after, the brand was born. KIN brings the lightness of California coolness and sophistication to the city. In its latest line of packable straw hats, KIN focuses on hats designed to go anywhere. Their hats are not just made for vacation, but for everyday adventures.

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