Kia Motors introduces it is newest sedan with a daring triple risk stunt

Kia Motors introduces it's latest sedan with a daring triple threat stunt

Kia Motors is pushing ahead with its latest marketing campaign in a daring stunt performed by professional stunt drivers

To introduce the brand's most powerful mid-range sedan of all time, Kia Motors America (KMA) performed a daring "Triple Threat Stunt" performed by professional stunt drivers on a track outside of Atlanta.

The Triple Threat Stunt featured two turbo-charged K5 models that sailed through the air in opposite directions, while a third K5 model slid into position under the pair in the air. The Triple Threat Stunt was the start of a multi-channel marketing campaign to support the brand new 2021 K5 mid-size sedan.

True to the KMA philosophy of "Give It Everything", the extensive triple threat stunt was developed in real time to reset expectations by putting the K5 in situations that were previously unaffected in this traditionally conservative category.

Directed by Darrin Prescott, director of the action unit on some of Hollywood's most action-packed films, including Baby Driver, ford Vs. Ferrari, Drive, John Wick, Black Panther and The Bourne Ultimatum, the stunt was streamed live online and offered car enthusiasts a virtual insight into the performance of the brand new medium-sized K5 sedan.

The brand new K5 from Kia Motors flies through the air in a breathtaking "Triple Threat Stunt"

In addition to Prescott, professional driver Collete Davis and actor Jeremy Ray Valdez as co-organizer and professional driver Sean Graham as well as stunt driving duo Jalil Jay and Brionna Lynch were on the triple threat stunt.

As Graham maneuvered, steered, and positioned his K5 with stop-on-a-dime accuracy, two Lynch-powered K5s raced straight ahead before each encountering a ramp that blew up and sailed over Graham's K5 . The "Triple Threat Stunt" ended with all three K5 models and their respective drivers, safely and healthy on firm ground.

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