Kea & Companions lands funding to double its enterprise by 2026

Kea & Partners receives investments to double its business by 2026

The French strategy and management consultancy Kea & Partners has raised 23 million euros from investors as part of its strategy to accelerate its growth and double its business over the next five years.

Founded in 2001, Kea & Partners specializes in advising and supporting executives – with a focus on retail, consumer goods, industrial and business services clients – in their most pressing strategic, cultural and technological challenges. The consultancy works for clients of all sizes, from small and medium-sized businesses to large publicly traded multinational corporations.

The consulting company currently employs 180 consultants in offices in Paris, Lyon and Casablanca (Morocco). Supported by a new group of investors, led by Crédit Mutuel Equity and including LCL, Banque Palatine, Caisse d’Épargne and Banque Postale, Kea & Partners aims to become a € 100 million advisory group by 2026 (‘DareWin’ strategy).

An integral part of the five-year journey will be consolidating the company’s independence, an accomplishment that Arnaud Gangloff, Chairman and CEO of Kea & Partners, described as “an integral part of our partnership.” He added: “At a time when many consulting firms are being sold to major players and IT integrators, Kea & Partners prides itself on its vision of remaining independent.”

Commenting on the transaction, Guillaume Nathan and Marc Picard of Bryan, Garnier & Co (an investment bank that advised on the transaction): “Kea & Partners is a strategy consultancy with a very different DNA. With this funding, the group has the chance to become a French champion in the management consulting industry. “

The transaction takes place around a year after Kea & Partners became the first strategic consulting company in France to convert its legal personality into a so-called “Social Purpose Corporation” (according to the French PACTE law of 2019). Companies with this status undertake to integrate environmental, social and governance goals (ESG) into their business model and decision-making.

In April of this year, the company’s transition was recognized with a B Corp certification. “Our raison d’etre is to bring about transformations that benefit people and the planet in addition to profit,” said Gangloff.

Kea & Partners is part of The Transformation Alliance, an international consulting network that includes more than 500 consultants in 12 countries. Other member companies are: Cordial, h & z Management Consulting, MBS Consulting and Q5.