JetBlue celebrates 20 years of award-winning customer support

JetBlue celebrates 20 years of award winning customer service

JetBlue launches the “20 Years Just Flew By” fare sale with seats starting at $ 20 in select markets

JetBlue The airline celebrated its 20th birthday yesterday and celebrated its first flight between New York and Fort Lauderdale on February 11, 2000. Twenty years later, with 470 million customers and 102 million bags of Terra Blue Chips, she continues her efforts to inspire humanity by combining great service with affordable rates for customers.

"Nobody believed that a start-up airline could survive 20 months or even 20 years in 2000," said Robin Hayes, the airline's chief executive officer. “But JetBlue has proven that caring about people and offering affordable rates on the market is not only a viable business model, it can also completely disrupt an industry. Others have tried to imitate JetBlue, but no one has ever successfully copied our 23,000 crew members and the incredible culture they built. "

For over two decades, JetBlue has established itself as a leader in terms of value and comfort. With the initial promise to bring mankind back into aviation, JetBlue today brings the same human touch and innovative spirit to the entire travel industry through the airline and its two subsidiaries – JetBlue Travel Products and JetBlue Technology Ventures.

The airline has kept its advantage on board: it has the greatest legroom in the coach, free high-speed fly-fi broadband in every plane, free entertainment with backrests in every seat, free snacks and non-alcoholic drinks as well as crew members trained by hospitality, who offer award winning service.

The airline is also planning a one-year celebration with its crew and customers at the beginning of their third decade. The company is launching its 20 Years Just Flew By fare with seats available in select markets from as little as $ 20 / £ 15 each way.

Customers who flew JetBlue flight # 1 from New York-JFK to Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL) yesterday were treated to breakfast delicacies and surprise gifts at the gate in the airline's apartment in Terminal 5 of the JFK. The airline's very first scheduled flight from New York to Florida was Flight # 1 on February 11, 2000.

Yesterday, Joanna Geraghty, President and Chief Operating Officer, along with the founding members of JetBlue, marked the airline's milestone by ringing the opening bell on Nasdaq in Times Square. The airline is happy to be New York's home airline and continues to be active in New York City and throughout the Empire State.

Due to low airfares and market-stimulating growth, the airline has saved its customers an estimated more than $ 12 billion / £ 9 billion, which would otherwise have gone to the four major airlines, which have enormous pricing power at the airports they dominate.

"The role of JetBlue in the industry is more important than ever," said Hayes. “As the major airlines have consolidated and are becoming more efficient, and the ultra-low-cost airlines are starting to fly easily, customers are turning to JetBlue to get quality service and affordable fares – definitely a unique combination in that Industry today. "

Low airfares have stimulated demand for under-utilized airports from New York via Boston to Fort Lauderdale to Long Beach and across the Caribbean. The airline started its operations at John F. Kennedy International Airport, which served only 32 million travelers in 2000 and was ready for growth. By 2018, more than 61 million travelers had passed thanks to JetBlue and market stimulation through the "JetBlue effect" JFK.