Ixora Power’s new providing allows companies to realize AD ambitions


Anaerobic digestion (AD) specialists, Ixora Energy, recently launched a consulting service that offers both existing AD plants and companies that produce biodegradable waste unique access to their environmentally friendly know-how.

#This offer enables AD systems to improve their efficiency and supports companies in achieving their Net Zero goals and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) goals.

For over 10 years, Ixora has used the latest AD technology to provide environmentally friendly value to waste products and to offer environmentally friendly and cost effective solutions. The company has helped turn UK food and farm waste into productive green energy. Refueling homes, businesses, and transportation across the country.

In 2020 alone, Ixora achieved an impressive uptime of over 98% for the eight existing gas-to-grid systems. This success enabled around 30,000 UK households to be supplied with renewable energy.

As a green energy solution, AD offers many other environmental and financial advantages over other more traditional power generation technologies. In addition, AD can be connected directly to the National Grid so that companies can generate electricity for the communities in which they operate. AD is therefore an extremely smooth way to create and maintain a truly circular economy.

In addition to contributing to the circular economy, AD is a great solution for companies looking to meet their Net Zero goals before the 2030 deadline. Ixora Energy can help companies achieve these goals and offers additional benefits such as achieving the CSR goals.

Ixora works with management teams, sharing their knowledge and giving others the skills and expertise they need. Depending on individual customer requirements, Ixora offers a full suite of AD business services, from determining project feasibility to taking full responsibility for delivery and operations. As part of this service, Ixora will actively demonstrate and measure how AD facilities contribute to an organization’s broader Net Zero goals.

Darren Stockley, Managing Director of Ixora Energy said, “We are excited to announce this exciting move into the market and with customers who are already benefiting from our experience. We believe that we can have an enormously positive effect on the productivity of your company and increase ecological and financial success. “