IT Information On-line – itGenius, a Google G Suite Providers Consultancy, Delivers Sensible Buyer Service with Hiver

  • Hiver is a leading Gmail-based help desk helping 1500+ global companies deliver exceptional customer service

  • Hiver has helped itGenius customer support team personalize and streamline customer conversations while saving over 40 hours per month

itGenius, a consultancy for Google G Suite services in Australia, has been accepted winter – The world’s first Gmail-based help desk and greatly improved the efficiency of its customer support team. Hiver helps the team better manage customer conversations by centralizing their email workflows and cultivating meaningful customer relationships.

itGenius works with business owners who rely on them to maintain their IT systems. Her clients include well-known brands such as Canva, Hubspot, O’Brien and Anytime Fitness, as well as several Australian government agencies. They also specialize in serving micro and SMB customers and are the leading SMB Google Cloud partner in Australia.

Needless to say, providing timely and personal customer service to its customers is business critical for itGenius.

Before Hiver, itGenius used shared inboxes to manage team email. However, they soon discovered that it had far too many shortcomings. There was no system for assigning emails to team members and no easy way to keep track of the team’s workload. To solve this problem, itGenius switched to Zendesk – a help desk ticketing solution. The team also faced numerous challenges at Zendesk. The software was too complex to use and made customer meetings very impersonal. The team eventually decided to implement Hiver and began managing customer conversations with incredible ease.

With Hiver, the itGenius customer service team can assign emails to team members without the hassle of CCs or redirects. It uses Hivers Tags to organize emails by type or priority. Because Hiver doesn’t convert emails into ticket numbers, the team can have large-scale, personalized conversations, building better relationships with their customers. In addition, the team closely tracks the customer experience using Hiver’s CSAT surveys.

Additionally, since itGenius is a completely decentralized company, Hiver has helped them work remotely with great ease and transparency. With the workflow now streamlined, team leaders can easily monitor the team’s workload and ensure that no customer has to wait for help.

Scott Gellatly, General Manager, itGenius, said, “We’re 100% Gmail, and working on customer meetings without leaving your inbox was an opportunity not to be missed. Moving to Hiver was a painless process. Hiver helps us have natural conversations with customers better than the “here is your ticket number – stand in line“Model that we had before.”

Niraj Ranjan Rout, Co-Founder and CEO of Hiver said: “We are delighted that Hiver has helped itGenius optimize the efficiency of its team and build strong customer relationships. Building meaningful customer relationships is at the heart of their business. We’re excited to have Hiver play a role in helping the team deliver brilliant customers. “Experience Consistent.”

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