Is Your Model Prepared for the Digital Daybreak of 2020?

Is Your Brand Ready for the Digital Dawn of 2020?

Ready for the New Year's party?


This will be something very special. It is the beginning of a new decade. And you have planned everything perfectly, from the caterer to the decoration. You want this party to be nothing short of successful and unforgettable.

As a digital marketer, do you do the same for your brand?

At the end of 2019, the technological developments of a decade will be summarized. So it is sensible to anticipate changes. And if you want your business to remain competitive in today's online landscape, you have to adapt ambitious concepts and innovative trends for digital marketing.

So let's turn the page and enter the new era, which is equipped with appropriate technology and a new way of thinking.

What are the top priorities for most entrepreneurs in 2020?

The development of society and technology has changed consumer behavior. Predicting consumer interests is challenging. However, with the help of artificial intelligence and numerous data-driven technologies, the work becomes easier. In addition, marketing tactics are rapidly evolving to keep pace with current trends.

As a digital marketer, you need to track the ever-changing consumer behavior in this dynamic landscape. You also need to be aware of emerging trends so that you can plan appropriate strategies.

Recently, voice search engine optimization (VSEO) and video content marketing have increased. However, there are many more aspects to consider. So let's look ahead and identify just a few of them.

What does your brand need to stay competitive in the next decade?

1. Start great

Data analysis and creativity are important aspects of digital marketing. Future practices connect the two to achieve amazing results. Since there is no denying how much information about each customer can be collected and analyzed, big data has simplified the process considerably.

Brands can now get deeper insights into the target group from various sources, e.g. B. through activities in social media, online shopping and Internet searches. These key insights can dramatically affect a brand's marketing campaign. Big Data promotes information about buying intentions, customer preferences, buying patterns, etc. Marketing campaigns are now more precise and effective and help optimize the advertising and retail strategy.


2. Don't forget to chat

Who doesn't like a little individual attention?

Then you definitely have to provide chatbots on your website. These AI-based chat tools have greatly enhanced customer interaction.

According to, by 2025 80% of brands will implement them in their marketing strategy by next year.

Chatbots have already improved online customer service and user engagement. However, as technology advances, chatbots have the potential to offer a more holistic approach.

Chatbots not only answer repeated questions, but also offer suggestions or tips for solving customer problems. Brands like Sephora have already implemented these functions. This type of interaction generates more leads, increases UX and increases customer loyalty.

3. Keep being interactive

Encourage your audience to participate actively, be it through quizzes, surveys or 360 videos.

Creative interactive content not only entertains people, it also gives you an idea of ​​what they think. It is also a way to prevent visitors from returning to a website.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality can, however, be used to achieve an interaction that goes outside the box. They effectively offer consumers a more engaging technological experience. While AR overlays a user's view with images, VR offers a comprehensive, immersive effect.

Brands like IKEA and Disney have made progress with this marketing approach. However, many other companies that sell cosmetics, jewelry, clothing, accessories, etc. can get a realistic impression of how the customer looks after using the selected product.

In the coming years, when AR and VR become mainstream, they will increase UX and ROI. But at the moment, AR surpasses VR.

According to ARtillery Intelligence, global spending on AR is expected to reach $ 45.1 billion by 2022. This is an indication of the importance of investing in these technologies.

4. Do you create a good influence?

Brands increasingly use customers as brand lawyers. They aim to humanize the brand through recommendations, increase brand awareness and increase conversions among a specific target group.

Influencer marketing is a marketing trend that has recently gained considerable traction. With the advent of social media, influencer marketing has also improved.

Instagram is currently the most popular platform. Most of the time you will see online fashion brands advocating for them. The reason for this is that fashion fanatics can usually be found in Instagram's digital home. There are several leather jackets online stores that use Instagram as the leading sword. In addition, many lifestyle brands have joined the clan.

You know, 69% of marketers are planning a budget for Instagram influencer marketing? In general, this aspect of digital marketing is expected to reach $ 8 billion by 2020, according to HubSpot. If you haven't targeted influencers for your brand yet, you can use influencer marketing tools to find the right influencers for your niche.


5. Time for an entertaining story

Who doesn't like to hear a story?

Not surprisingly, storytelling is the latest technology band they use to market their products. And it turns out to be very useful. Research has shown that stories are 22 times more memorable than simple facts because they appeal to and fascinate customers.

Even if the content is the same, the style with which it is conveyed is more important. Creating compelling stories that aim to convey empathy to viewers is an ideal way to provide information, trigger an answer from them, and build a stronger relationship with the target audience. In addition, studies show that sharing a story is more likely to convince people than to represent ideas with arguments based on data, facts, and numbers.

6. Let's not forget about security

Technology is used to improve all aspects of advertising, marketing and automation. For this reason, security concerns in the digital space are also increasing.

Brands have to offer more than just website security. You must ensure that privacy and integrity are preserved. Although Google has set standards for website security, the brand is responsible for ensuring that all guidelines are followed. Any security breach can lead to a loss of trust and a break in the SERPs.

Wrap up

We have come a long way since broadcasting. The age of the Internet and social media has now dawned.

The medium of marketing has changed over the years and will continue to do so in the years to come. However, the main focus will always be on the needs of consumers.

As the dynamics of digital marketing are constantly changing, you need to be agile, vigilant and intelligent. Above all, you need to be able to adapt to the latest changes. Or you run the risk of being left behind. Therefore, use effective digital tools to gather information about the target audience.

Prepare to take advantage of the opportunities that are available. Finally, use your marketing campaign with innovative ideas that push your boundaries.

So does your brand have everything it needs to be successful in this age of innovation?