Initium Cyber Safety Pronounces the Addition of Serial Entrepreneur Rotem Gantz to Its Advisory Board and Retaining of Dolos Consultancy LTD as Its IR/PR Advisors

Tel Aviv, Israel – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Initium Cyber ​​Security (AETERNUS LTD) is pleased to announce the addition of Rotem Gantz to its Advisory Board. Gantz will support the company’s CEO and senior management in restructuring the corporate strategy and organizational habits, bringing in his experience as a senior consultant, CEO and entrepreneur.

The company also announces that it has acquired Dolos Consultancy LTD, a leading company in corporate strategy, information gathering, investor analysis and capital advice. Dolos works with a network of investors, family offices and venture capitalists and is commissioned to support and accompany INITIUM’s capital procurement, user acquisition and POCs. You will also act as the company’s PR / IR and growth advisor.

Rotem Gantz, Dolos CEO and Advisory Board member, stated, “Pre-COVID and home office-era CISOs enjoyed a relatively easy-to-define defense domain – which encompassed their company’s networks, servers and offices. Those days are over as more employees work part-time or full-time from their place of residence, putting the company’s most sensitive data at risk. INITIUM is the ultimate solution for such companies as it encrypts the data displayed on the endpoint’s screen without decrypting the data itself. ”

About START:

INITIUM is a next generation cybersecurity technology that provides real-time, screen-level encryption for SaaS software, protecting data before and after a security breach. INITIUM is led by Zeev Zohar, the founding board member of MicroSpec Technologies (later sold to Applied Materials) and has over twenty years of engineering experience and seven pending patents for his work. Zohar led the AI ​​team at Applied Materials, where he worked for over a decade before developing the groundbreaking screen-level encryption technology for Initium.

About Dolos:

Dolos Consultancy LTD ( is a group of veterans from Israel’s elite cyber, intelligence and PR community and units with experience working in various markets and managing large campaigns. The company offers unique intelligence, PR and IR capabilities to both private and public companies.