Huami Expertise Pronounces Partnership with Chinese language Athletics Staff

Huami Technology announces partnership with the Chinese athletics team

Huami technology signed a formal cooperation agreement with the Chinese athletics Association. While the agreement represents an official partnership with the Chinese track and field team and the Chinese track and field association in the smart wearable industry. The two sides work together to develop Chinese sport by leveraging Huami brand, market, research and development, and big data from smart wearable devices.

"The official partnership will promote sportsmanship and a healthy lifestyle across society, which will also help build a leading sports nation," said Yu Hongchen, vice president of the Chinese Athletics Association.

The partnership is set to continue until 2025. During the reporting period, both sides will try to contribute to the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, Olympic Games 2024 in Paris, 2021 World Athletics Championships, 2022 Asian Games, and 2023 World Athletics Championships. Huami will also participate in the operation and service of the Chinese Athletics Association.

Under the terms of the agreement, Huami owns the exclusive rights granted by the Chinese Athletics Association in the areas of smart wearables (smart wrist bands, smartwatches, smart earphones, smart glasses) and smartphones. Huami Amazfit Stratos 3 smartwatch and Amazfit PowerBuds earphones will be included in the first series of officially recommended smart wearable products by the Chinese athletics team.

Both sides plan to set up a common athletics laboratory with the goal of a healthy lifestyle. Based on Huami Smart Wearable Devices, the laboratory will analyze the massive data from professional Chinese athletes and sports enthusiasts using intelligent algorithms and big data analysis technologies. There will be professional research reports and industry standards to help people become healthier and more effective in sports training.

Huami is a biometric and activity data driven company with significant expertise in intelligent wearable technology. Since its inception in 2013, Huami has built a global healthcare ecosystem that includes smart wristbands, smartwatches, sports headphones, smart treadmills, scales, and related sports equipment. Huami's own brand Amazfit overseas has opened up 70 additional markets, including the USA, Germany, Japan, etc. By August 2019, Huami had sold more than 100 million smart devices.

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