How On-the-Go Coaching Advantages the Desk Jockey and the World Traveler

How On-the-Go Training Benefits the Desk Jockey and the World Traveler

Today's specialists attach increasing importance to professional development. For this reason, they prefer flexible options that make it easy to learn on the go. While it would be expected that employees who sit at their desks most of the time are not as concerned about the delivery mechanism, this is not the case. In addition, everyone can benefit from on-the-go training options, including your highly mobile workforce and those who tend to stay in the office.

If you're wondering how your entire team is training on the go, regardless of where they normally work, here's what you should know.

device settings

While most professionals are not against working on a desktop or laptop, millennials and Generation Z members prefer mobile devices over traditional computers. Many younger professionals have used some kind of mobile device since they were adults, and they feel incredibly comfortable when it comes to using apps to get things done.

With most on-the-go training including mobile designs, including companion apps, companies can offer courses on platforms preferred by younger professionals. You can check content on a smartphone or tablet even when it is at your desk. This improves the learning experience by meeting their preferences.


With the training on the go, all parts of your workforce have a certain flexibility with regard to the training. For mobile workers, they can participate regardless of their role. As a result, they do not miss any learning opportunities just because they are not in the office. Instead, they can take a flight course, stay in hotel rooms, or even wait for meetings to begin.

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Work-life balance

On-the-go training courses support the learning approach anytime, anywhere. Your employees can participate if this fits their life best, and this can lead to a better work-life balance.

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Ultimately, on-the-go training benefits all of your staff, regardless of whether they're mobile. This makes it worth being offered to ensure that your employees have the options they need to thrive.

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