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If you had a way to take yourself to the next level …

In your career, in your company, in your relationships – okay, maybe not the last one, unless marketing skills are really important for your relationships …

Would you do it

See, here's the thing. It doesn't matter what job you have or what kind of business you do. There is a skill that will help you with all of them.


Marketing is the connection between a company and its customers.

That's why people fall in love with brands like RXBAR, a protein bar company with such a fan base that it was sold to Kellogg for $ 600 million, or Native, a natural deodorant company with so many customers ready $ 12 per deodorant stick to which it was sold Procter & Gamble for $ 100 million.

But chances are, the LAST thing you want to do now is drop everything and sign up for a marketing degree.

And frankly, you don't need that.

You see, degree programs and college classes have some major drawbacks when it comes to learning marketing.

  • You listen to one person's advice, not several industry leaders
  • You don't have time for practical experience, you only learn for your next test
  • At the time of your graduation, everything you have learned is out of date

The marketing world is moving too fast for you not to listen to marketing leaders, practice your new skills and use whatever you are learning before the next wave of technology changes the industry.

Because of this, certifications can take your marketing skills to the next level.

This is why online certifications are a better alternative to traditional marketing courses and college classes.

Why Online Marketing Certifications Are Better

# 1: You are currently learning which strategies you should use in marketing

Not what worked when the required textbook was published. Marketing is moving fast. A few years ago nobody talked about chatbots and today – almost every startup finds out how to activate chatbots on their website.

What was taught in marketing two years ago is nowhere near as relevant as it was. While some marketing basics are timeless, like the customer value journey, not everything ages.

Spending an entire semester learning how to use paid ads on Facebook is not productive if Facebook changes its policies the day after you pass your final exam.

Keeping up to date in marketing is crucial to improve your marketing skills.

# 2: Get advice from industry leaders about the strategies that are currently driving traffic and conversions for them

What could be nicer than when top marketers show you their email templates, copying strategies and paid ad settings?

Not much.

What we love about DigitalMarketer is that we can set a good example.

We'll let you know about the email template we used to generate sales of over $ 100,000. Then we will call in a copywriter who will show you exactly what you need to insert into this email template so that you can achieve conversions.

And you guessed it – after that, one of the highest paid ad experts will show you exactly how to set up your ads to increase the traffic that becomes these email subscribers.

Learning from industry leaders (who are currently developing and implementing digital marketing strategies) is like a fireside chat with your mentors, revealing all their secrets.

In this case, their secrets lie in certification, which improves your marketing skills.

# 3: You can immediately apply this knowledge

What could be nicer than studying 12 hours for a final exam?

Spend 12 hours practicing your new marketing skills in the real world.

Online marketing certifications show you which strategies you currently need to use, how industry leaders use them, and then give you the freedom to use those strategies.

You're not reducing the time it takes you to become an experienced marketer by forcing you to take a two-hour exam.

This is not productive and as a marketer you will learn that efficiency is everything.

Why don't you practice what you learn while learning it?

The nice thing about the internet right now is that you can learn copywriting techniques and then apply them to your own articles and social media posts to see how they are converted.

Practice makes perfect as a marketer and the sooner you can start, the faster you become a great marketer.

# 4: You can do your online marketing certification at your own pace

If you build your marketing skills as a side job – 👏👏👏.

There is a lot going on in marketing, from learning the basics of search engine optimization to the emotional triggers that increase the click rate of emails to retargeting. No one expects you to break all connections with the outside world, find a cave in the middle of nowhere, and only come out when you are a master at every aspect of marketing.

Your life can go on as you become a marketing expert.

Online marketing certifications fit into your current life. You can complete each certification in your own time, take a break if you need to focus on family or work, and get back on when you're ready to continue.

What is a good marketing certification?

Not all marketing certifications are the same. When investing in marketing certification, you want to make sure you get ROI.

Ask yourself these three questions about online marketing certification that you are considering and make sure that the answer to each question is "yes".

Question 1: Is the trainer active in his field?

Remember marketing is changing fast. While someone may have been the best ecommerce marketer 2 years ago, their strategies will be out of date if they don't actively market ecommerce products TODAY. While some basics will still be relevant, you end up paying for information that isn't relevant today.

That doesn't bring you ROI.

Question 2: Has the content of the certification been updated recently?

Assume that the online marketing certification you're considering passes the first test. The instructor is currently working as a marketer. Now you need to make sure that the content of this certification has been updated recently.

Some online marketing certifications have been around for a few years. While marketing strategies have worked excellently in the past, these strategies will not be relevant to you now. Even if the marketer is working full time and you are not talking about what works for him TODAY, you will not get any useful information.

Question 3: Is there a test to demonstrate your expertise?

Perhaps you have read this answer and thought: "ewwww." We know the feeling – does someone like to take tests?

The reason why you need a test for your online marketing certification is that without this test there is no credibility in terms of certification. Someone could buy the certification, never watch a single video or read content, and then say that they are an accredited marketer.

Would you like to hire this marketer for your company? And you don't want to be that marketer either.

You want to be the marketer who demonstrates his knowledge. If you do a test at the end of your certification, you are demonstrating your marketing knowledge because if you did not have this knowledge you would not have been able to get the certification.

Sometimes testing is a good thing. Sometimes.

How do marketing certifications REALLY help?

Online marketing certifications are better than degree programs and college classes because they are up to date, led by experienced experts who are currently implementing marketing strategies, and give you the time to start practicing your skills straight away.

Once you've found the online marketing certification you're interested in, you may be hovering over the Buy button and wondering: will that actually help me?

And that's why you want to make sure that you can answer yes to the 3 questions above, because if you can, your marketing certification will actually help.

Your online marketing certification will:

  • Train in critical marketing tactics / disciplines
  • Keep up to date with the latest developments in marketing
  • Create your resume to impress potential employers OR customers / customers
  • Give you new skills and increase your skills
  • Make a better marketer

If you want to become a certified marketer, DigitalMarketer offers certifications and master classes from industry leaders for content marketing, paid traffic, social media and more. Our teachers are active marketers, our content is updated regularly and each certification ends with a test to demonstrate your expertise.

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