How a booming Harborough enterprise has defied the Covid-19 pandemic to smash the £2 million turnover barrier

Managing Director Barrie Dowsett at Myriad Associates.Managing Director Barrie Dowsett at Myriad Associates.

A booming business in Market Harborough has resisted the Covid-19 pandemic to break the £ 2 million sales barrier.

Myriad Associates is a specialist R&D tax credit and innovation grant consultancy based in St. Mary’s Road, Market Harborough.

The soaring company helps companies across the UK secure the maximum amount of research and development tax breaks to fund critical research and development projects.

Myriad Associates worked hard to grow a staggering 20 percent in the toughest year for peacetime companies – as four more people were hired.

Managing Director Barrie Dowsett is thrilled to have brilliantly built his flourishing idea from the ground up over the past nine years.

Barrie promised to continue growing, saying he was committed to providing “seven star service” to his growing customer army.

“As a qualified accountant, I knew I wanted to start a company that was financially related in the services sector.

“But I didn’t just want to do general compliance work like bookkeeping, management accounts, self-assessments, VAT returns, and so on.

“You can make a living from doing something like that.

“But because everyone is doing it, it’s hard work and it just wasn’t exciting enough,” said Barrie.

He said that working as the group finance director for a large manufacturing company helped him build and run a hugely successful company.

“I love innovation – so setting up an R&D tax consultancy felt like a matter of course.

“I was able to use my accounting brain and experience and apply it to an area I was incredibly passionate about – innovative companies!

“Without a doubt, the greatest challenge was (and is) finding team members,” said Barrie.

“Recruiting talented people who are passionate about the business.

“Nine years after I was founded, I am proud that we are now an incredibly strong 17-person team.

“After all, we’re a people business.

“We offer our service through our specialist knowledge.

“This is our greatest asset.

“We are in the process of establishing Myriad Associates in France.

“We are initially offering our seven-star R&D tax and grant advice service.

“Once that has been determined, we will try to introduce Tax Cloud to our French customers.”

When asked about the secret of his success, Barrie replied simply, “People.

“It’s the people in the company who make it a success.

“As simple as that.

“This business is growing because we get such good customer feedback,” he said.

“To get these great answers, we recruit happy, talented people.

“If we can continue to do this, we will continue to grow.”