Hole Inc. publicizes the launch of the B2B face masks programme

Gap Inc. announces the launch of the B2B face mask program

Gap Inc. will sell approximately 10 million non-medical face masks to companies and governments when the workforce reopens

Gap Inc. has announced it is launching a B2B product program focused on offering large companies high quality reusable, non-medical face masks that will be made available to their employees when they return to work.

With the tremendous impact COVID-19 has on the world, the brand has leaned in and quickly worked to serve customers in a compelling and differentiated manner. Because employers want to offer their teams and customers a safe and healthy work environment, Gap Inc. has used its close supply chain relationships and agile processes to provide companies in both the private and public sectors with high quality, reusable, non-medical quality, face masks for their employees.

To date, Gap Inc.'s recently launched B2B face mask program has sold approximately 10 million non-medical face masks to employers, including the city of New York, California, Kaiser Permanente, and a leading consulting firm.

“Given this pandemic, the Gap Inc. team was able to quickly respond to customer needs for masks. We have since sold millions of non-medical masks to customers of our brands, ”said John Strain, head of e-commerce and technology at Gap Inc.

“We quickly started hearing from companies like ours who want to offer their employees the same product. Therefore, we are pleased to expand our high quality range of reusable, non-medical face masks for companies that want to help protect their employees when they rejoin the workforce. "

Gap Inc. has responded to the call to action and has procured millions of non-medical masks and other personal protective equipment for healthcare. The company's brand family, in collaboration with Medical, responded to consumer demand for daily use.

The company's brands are also giving something back, donating over 200,000 non-medical masks to community organizations, and donating to causes that help those in need in this crisis.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention World Health Organization still ask people to wear face masks or covers outside the home. For companies planning to reopen, Gap Inc. offers a selection of non-medical face masks in bulk, starting with a minimum order of 100,000 units and in different colors and swatches.

To provide this service to businesses, Gap Inc. used and partnered with the Salesforce Commerce Cloud QuickStart for B2B commerce solution Capgemini Implement and maintain a custom website in less than five weeks to manage orders and provide information about the program to businesses.

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