Heineken launches the newest version of its #SocialiseResponsibly initiative

Heineken launches the latest edition of its #SocialiseResponsibly initiative

The new Heineken TV spot offers a new perspective on social distancing in bars around the world

Heineken, a multiple winner of the World Branding Awardshas launched a new campaign called "Back to the Bars" as part of its global #socialiseresponsibly initiative.

The global campaign aims to support HoReCa around the world by celebrating its reopening and reminding consumers to act responsibly. Only by complying with the safety regulations in the “new normal” do consumers help the bars stay open and can therefore continue to go out with friends. The committed call to action is: "Socialize responsibly to keep bars open".

Heineken has a long history as a responsible brand. In the past, the brand used its world-famous creativity to develop campaigns like "Heineken enjoy responsibly" and "When you drive, you never drink" that have a noticeable impact.

“Given the unprecedented circumstances in which we find ourselves, we have examined how we can help our consumers cope with the current situation, and in particular how we can help our trading partners to cope with the extremely challenging business climate. Said Bram Westenbrink, Senior Director Global Heineken Brand.

“We were inspired by real experiences that everyone can relate to. While the new bar experience can be uncomfortable and take some getting used to for customers and bar staff, we wanted to celebrate their return and remind people that compliance with the new rules is important. After all, there is one thing that is better than the first night, another night. "

The campaign includes 60, 30, 15, digital, social assets and numerous retail initiatives to help bars remind consumers to make responsible contacts when they are more likely to "forget" while they are consuming Friends have fun. "Back to the Bars" will be launched in several countries in 2020.

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