Group strengthens portfolio with funding in property consultancy

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Hull-based Sewell Group has invested in Community Ventures Partnerships Ltd across the north of England as part of its strategic growth plans to expand its presence in property management consulting.

Community Ventures is a development company based in Thorpe Park, Leeds. develops, builds and manages health and social care facilities in the North of England and the Midlands and provides real estate advisory services and LIFT companies management services to the public sector.

Under the agreement, which will allow both companies to expand their capabilities and realize their continued growth, the leadership and day-to-day running of Community Ventures will remain with CEO Nigel Fenny, supported by Commercial Director Dean Spencer and the current executive team. Jo Barnes, Managing Director, Sewell Estates, and Dave Leedham, Director, Sewell Investments, will join the board alongside the current directorate.

Phil Harris, director of the majority shareholder of Community Ventures Galliford Try Investments, said, “We welcome Sewell Group’s investment in the business. Community Ventures has grown in strength over the past few years and we are confident that this investment will herald the next exciting phase of growth for the company. We look forward to working with our new colleagues. “

Nigel Fenny, Chief Executive, Community Ventures added, “We have a great team and I look forward to seeing them grow as we continue to support our customers and bring them added value through the inclusion of our new partners.”

Jo Barnes, Managing Director of Sewell Estates, said, “We are excited to join Phil, Nigel and the Community Ventures team. As the Times Top 100 company, we know that business is about having the right people with the right values ​​on board, so we really wanted to be part of the Community Ventures family. “