Godiva promotes sustainable change with Earthworm Basis

Godiva promotes sustainable change with the Earthworm Foundation

Godiva works with the Earthworm Foundation to positively influence the relationship between humans and nature

Godiva, the global premium chocolate, is proud to partner with Earthworm Foundation sustainable improvement of the cocoa supply chain and support for the farming communities from Côte d & # 39; Ivoire, where around 40% of the world's cocoa is sourced. Together, Godiva and the Earthworm Foundation will work to protect forests and the lives of people who grow and harvest cocoa.

The Earthworm Foundation, a global nonprofit that strives to positively impact the human-nature relationship, will bring important perspective and expertise to review and assess Godiva's cocoa supply chain and help the company implement its commitment to promoting responsible cocoa.

"Godiva is dedicated to our vision of a sustainable and prosperous cocoa industry where farmers thrive, communities empower, human rights are respected, and the environment is protected," said Annie Young-Scrivner, CEO of Godiva. "We are delighted to be working with the Earthworm Foundation and supporting their incredibly important work to make value chains an engine of prosperity for communities and ecosystems."

"We are delighted to partner with Godiva and believe that together we can help combat cocoa deforestation in West Africa, which will also help add value to cocoa farmers," said Bastien Sachet, CEO the Earthworm Foundation. "In the first six months of our partnership, we look forward to working together to lay the foundation for active protection and regeneration of the forests."

Godiva is also a member of the World Cocoa Foundation (WCF) and participates in its Cocoa & Forests initiative. Visit Godiva Cares to learn more about the brand's efforts to support sustainably grown cocoa and the other communities the company serves.