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Glamyo announces “Surgery ka Naya address” digital campaign.

Glamyo announces “Surgery ka Naya address” digital campaign.The healthcare startup Asset Light Glamyo Health has announced a digital campaign entitled “Surgery ka Naya address”. The campaign aims to present its brand ambassador Rajat Kapoor.

The campaign aims to raise awareness of elective surgery and position Glamyo Health as a brand that is expert in the treatment of elective surgery. In times when the traditional healthcare system is overburdened and there is a backlog of surgeries, Glamyo Health offers its patients a hassle-free surgical experience by having the best and most experienced surgeons, the latest and most advanced technology, complete price transparency and zero costs at their disposal provides financing options and other administrative support for admission, discharge and insurance to make the trip as pleasant as possible.

Preet Pal, co-founder of Glamyo Health, said: “In the past two years in the age of the pandemic, the lack of quality medical services has only intensified and the burden on the traditional system has multiplied many times over. We are presenting a portfolio of services that aims to fill the gap and the campaign aims to draw attention to it. We believe that Rajat Kapoor is perfectly suited to convey the core message of trust to patients. “

Archit Garg, Co-Founder of Glamyo Health, said: “Choosing a healthcare provider for a critical event like surgery requires a lot of thought, especially after the pandemic, people have been more concerned about their health and not a better face for the brand but Kapoor . He understands the vision of Glamyo Health and can therefore convey the message most effectively. “

The campaign is slated to run on the brand’s social media platforms, with the first three videos being released within a month.

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