Get with Google Native Companies Adverts: Are You Able to Improve Your Digital Advertising and marketing Technique?

Local service advertisements for plumbers in Erie PA

When searchers turn to Google to find professional service providers (plumbers, lawyers, locksmiths, etc.), they don’t have time to browse. These users now need services.

If you are a local business offering these or other services, it is time to realize this and start the program by giving your customers an almost effortless way to find and connect with your business to step.

Local Service Ads (LSA) are here and – for those familiar with the latest Google Ads element – about to take local digital marketing to a whole new level. Google’s LSA program is designed to promote local businesses looking to make a name for themselves online and in their local community.

Update your local digital marketing strategy

If you’re lagging behind with the latest Google promotions, or haven’t popped up near you yet, the easiest way to think of LSAs is like Google My Business listings and traditional SERP ads are having a baby.

While LSAs appear at the top of SERPs and paid ads, they contain elements of GMB lists that make it easier for customers to connect with businesses.

LSAs are part of the Google Guaranteed Program. And local service providers should be excited about them for several reasons.

  1. LSAs stand out in a sea of ​​text ads

  2. They’ll show up in SERPs at the top so you can easily connect to users

  3. Checking the Google Guarantee box will help build trust in your company

  4. You only pay for leads you get.

Yes that’s right. We saw your eyes widen at this last point.

What Local Services Ads Bring to the Table

Cost aside, it’s important to add LSAs to your digital marketing strategy as soon as possible for several reasons.

LSAs give local service providers the ability to connect directly to book-ready users, resulting in higher conversion rates and more business.

Blue Corona reports that when LSAs were available on SERPs, they received 13.8 percent of local SERP clicks. Not to mention, having an LSA at the top of SERPs affects the total number of clicks for all other SERP types.

When there are LSAs in search results, paid ad clicks account for 25.3 percent of all user clicks (BrightLocal).

If you want to be more persuasive, keep in mind that searching through smart speakers like the Google Assistant is becoming increasingly popular. (And, according to Google, LSAs are one of the few ways businesses can appear on nearly 20 percent of searches performed this way.)

How to incorporate Google Local Services ads into your digital marketing strategy

If you’re excited about the idea of ​​engaging customers locally through reinvented digital marketing strategies (and frankly, which business owner wouldn’t be?), You have now come to the hard part: getting started with LSAs.

Fortunately, it’s not that complicated at all.

First, you want to check if LSAs are available in your region by performing an eligibility check.

If you are eligible for LSAs in your area, you must also join the Google Guaranteed program by passing the Google verification process. When you are part of the Google Guaranteed program, Google has recognized you as a trustworthy and reliable company.

This is good for both your business and your customers. Find out more about why here.

From there it goes smoothly and you can start capturing leads that are ready to book today.