Get Catalyzed- Digital Advertising and marketing Company plunge into Indian Waters

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New Delhi: After working on 150+ projects with 50+ brands and individuals across 20 countries, Get Catalyzed, a Jaipur-based digital marketing agency, is ready to enter the lucrative Indian digital marketing space.

They have built many websites and helped clients build a strong digital presence internationally and decided to support the Indian community as well.

According to Times of India, India is estimated to have nearly 974.86 million internet users by 2025 and the digital marketing industry will be worth $160 billion by 2025. Get Catalyzed aims to play an important role in boosting the digital game for SMEs in India by digitizing their business and growing it in a short period of time.

Get Catalyzed founders Kuldeep Gera and Sachin Jangir have almost a decade of experience as freelance digital marketers before founding this agency. This helped them build a 7 figure agency in their first year. They aim to scale it up to 8 numbers within the next two years.

Get Catalyzed has made a name for itself within a year with its fast service and commitment to quality work. They have added design and creation experts to their team to build a successful digital presence for their clients.

Kuldeep Gera says: “People are willing to run their business online and use the presence that comes with it, but they don’t have the right resources to reach them. Finding the right person for different things is an arduous task in itself, and the pain of slow work due to lack of commitment is often discouraging. With this in mind we created our full service agency where you can do all things from one single place be it building a website, getting traffic from google, creating content for social media, building a brand or anything digital. Time is also a key focus of our work dynamic at Get Catalyzed to live up to our name.”

Get Catalyzed is loved by clients on every continent for its result-oriented techniques and exceptional growth. Having become a leading digital marketing agency in the international market, they are all ready to make their mark in the Indian market as well. They plan to create an umbrella service for companies and individuals stepping up their game in the digital world.

Coaches and business owners from different industries have signed up to Get Catalyzed to increase their social presence on different platforms. Their performance has been impeccable throughout their journey, which has allowed them to earn a prominent position in the field of digital marketing.

Sachin, co-founder of Get Catalyzed says, “We prioritize our relationships with our customers. Punctual delivery and professionalism remain our strong pillars. We try to become an important part of the community instead of hitting milestones. For us, each of our customers is valuable and their success is what we strive for.”

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