Four digital advertising ideas for quarter 4

 4 digital marketing tips for quarter 4

Marketing trends have changed in recent years. The pandemic and lockdowns were harsh, but digital marketing became the main weapon for businesses. Today we share our experience with you. You have the opportunity to easily implement these tips.

Increase in customer loyalty through segmentation

This strategy isn’t new, but it has become popular lately. It turns out that many small marketing campaigns targeting a narrower area can produce amazing results. Even large campaigns for a wide audience lose in comparison.

A segmentation strategy consists in grouping the target audience according to certain characteristics, behavior or habits. For each new segment of the target group, a list of e-mail addresses is created, to which personalized advertising for this group is then sent. It also works for specific website advertisements, blog content categories, and social media content.

This also includes working with influencers. In contrast to multi-million dollar bloggers, who, in the understanding of the audience, have already taken a place in the ranking of celebrities, micro-influencers are more like normal people with an above-average number of followers in social networks. Your audience will be more segmented and active, and it can be much more profitable to get lots of little bloggers to promote your product than a campaign with a high-ranking blogger. The same could be done on YouTube. With segmentation, customer loyalty is possible on YouTube. First, you need to grow your audience on the platform. Buy YouTube subscribers to gain more trust from potential fans and consumers. Then you work on the segmentation.

Adding interactive content

A great way to add value to a prospect’s visit to your website. It doesn’t matter if it’s a calculator widget, poll, or quiz. The main thing is it extends the length of stay and interaction with the website, strengthens the visitor’s loyalty to the brand and increases his or her pleasure.

It’s also a great way to learn more about user preferences to improve your service or product. Interactive content is a clear expression of the global desire for personalization, and therefore the trend towards introducing elements of user interaction is expected to continue in 2021.

We are fighting for the “zero position” in the search results

Google’s most popular snippet, commonly called that, works differently than other queries. It is separated by a small field and is located at the top, where additional information is also displayed. The latter allows the user to get an answer to their question without going to the website.

But why are you refusing to follow your link? The answer is simple: “Zero Position” automatically recognizes you as a leader in the industry and thus increases trust and brand awareness. The main thing is to answer the query really briefly and meaningfully – bulleted lists and tables will help with this.

Learn to live with ad blockers

In 2021, 27% of internet users are projected to use ad blockers, and that number is only going to grow every year. Depending on the target group and advertising placement, this damage can of course be insignificant, but forewarned means armed. There is a way out – don’t waste time, but actively master new types of marketing campaigns. If it’s not useful in 2021, it will be needed later.