FocusFirst Wins 2020 World Company Excellence Award with Enterprise Worldwide Journal

LONDON, January 29, 2021 / PRNewswire / – FocusFirst is known for conveying positivity, instilling trust, and empowering effective leaders. Now the Frankfurt The management consultancy was recognized by Business Worldwide Magazine at the Global Corporate Excellence Awards 2020.

The awards identify and honor the most respected companies and their C-suite executives and reward excellence, innovation and ethics in international business and financial communities. FocusFirst was the overall winner in the category ‘Most Innovative Management Consulting – Europe‘for his excellent work in the industry.

FocusFirst was founded in 2016 and is a relatively new management consultancy that works with entire companies, organizational units and individual teams to transform themselves, achieve goals and adapt successfully to new dynamics. With projects ranging from facilitating leadership changes to building leadership and stakeholder engagement skills, FocusFirst was named one of the Top Innovators of 2020.

Sonja Weber was with FocusFirst from the start, describing the company’s services as a specialized niche that requires a complex range of skills. She spoke to Business Worldwide Magazine about what motivates her and how FocusFirst uses a thorough understanding of the human psyche to help clients get the most out of the experience:

“In order for transformations to be successful in the long term, this goal is best combined with a common vision and identity in the organization. This results in the ability to think creatively – the reason for hiring a management consultancy like FocusFirst is this the closer you get to an organization the less you can localize potential weak points. We talk to stakeholders, analyze facts and figures, identify areas for improvement or acceleration and then implement tailor-made solutions along the transformation journey.

“FocusFirst is based on the principle of staying on course until you cross the finish line and achieving this together and not against each other. Elements from the fields of neuroscience and success psychology can easily be transferred to the corporate environment in order to achieve goals.” faster, cheaper and more pleasant process. ”

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