FIFA organises soccer match to boost funds for Entry to Covid-19 Instruments

FIFA is organizing a soccer game to raise funds for access to Covid-19 tools

FIFA shows solidarity in fighting the Covid 19 pandemic

The FIFA Foundation, endowment will organize its first official football game to raise funds for access to COVID-19 Tools (ACT), a global collaboration to accelerate the development, production, and equitable global access to new health technologies for the coronavirus, including diagnostics, therapeutics, and vaccines .

"It is our responsibility to demonstrate solidarity and to continue doing everything we can to support efforts to fight the pandemic," said FIFA President Gianni Infantino.

“We have been actively involved in raising awareness through several other campaigns, and FIFA has also contributed financially to the cause. Now we are committed to organizing this global fundraiser if the health situation allows it, even if it only takes a few months. ”

The FIFA Foundation intends to take the opportunity to host the game to expand football's reach beyond the traditional sports network and into society, and to support efforts to combat the corona virus.

“The FIFA Foundation will work not only with the global football community, but also with other stakeholders, from non-governmental organizations to other foundations, and from the private sector to governments, to ensure that this initiative is an important help for those who are involved the football community is at the forefront of research to combat COVID-19, ”said Mauricio Macri, Executive Chairman of the FIFA Foundation.

"Our focus is on developing and supporting a society that can create a balance between preventing such diseases and future life and creating an environment in which sustainability can really thrive."

"Further details of this unique event, including location, date, participants and format, will be announced by the FIFA Foundation in due course," added Youri Djorkaeff, CEO of the FIFA Foundation. "Various scenarios and plans are currently under review, all of which are consistent with the health and other relevant policies of the respective governments and international organizations."

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