Ferrari and Claude Lelouch spreads optimism in “Le Grand Rendez-Vous”

Ferrari and Claude Lelouch Spread Optimism in “Le Grand Rendez-Vous”

Claude Lelouch's short film with the Ferrari SF90 Stradale and Charles Leclerc will be premiered on June 13th

French director Claude Lelouch made his short film "Le Grand Rendez-vous" on May 24th at the dawn of the Principality of Monaco, just when the Grand Prix was to take place. The cameras of the French director accompanied the Ferrari SF90 Stradale completed an adrenaline-fueled lap on the Formula 1 street circuit. At the wheel was Charles Leclerc, who reached speeds of up to 240 km / h on the way to the mysterious “big date” of the title.

HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco also appeared briefly in the film. The luxury car brand chairman, John Elkann, princes Andrea Casiraghi and Pierre Casiraghi with his wife, Princess Beatrice Borromeo, also visited the set. Thanks to a gradual lifting of the blockade in France and Monaco, the shoot was also watched by a group of enthusiastic spectators from the balconies and streets, which were carefully monitored by local authorities.

Traffic was stopped so that the Ferrari SF90 Stradale, which can sprint from 0 to 100 km / h in 2.5 seconds, can develop its full power on the streets of the principality. The soundtrack of the car with the glowing engine has been through a long dry spell for both Prancing Horse enthusiasts and Tifosi.

Most importantly, the roar of his Ferrari Hybrid V8, with a total output of 1,000 CV, triggered an optimistic message and signaled a first step towards the return of motorsport, film and social life when we tried to do that Pandemic behind us through mutually responsible behavior, commitment and solidarity.

Ferrari welcomed the partnership in the film to demonstrate the support of its Tifosi, customers and supporters, as an expression of hope that the world will gradually be able to absorb the painful and complex health crisis that affects everyone, so that we can begin to look positively into the future, also in anticipation of the expected restart of the F1 season in July.

With this in mind, Ferrari has continued to demonstrate its commitment to combating the Covid 19 crisis in recent months through concrete support for fundraisers, the distribution of health care equipment to hospitals and the manufacture of breathing conversion valves at the Maranello plant. This is the most recent expression transmission technology, which is represented in the development of a new lung ventilator, FI5, which is offered in open source production on a global level.

Ferrari is a multiple winner of the World Branding Awards. More information can be found here.

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