Fb Proclaims Advertising and marketing Insights Classes for Promoting Week

Facebook Advertising Week Sessions

New York is next week for Advertising Week and Facebook will be attending with a series of sessions on various aspects of digital marketing that you can follow through the Advertising Week’s dedicated Facebook mini-site.

As you can see here, the various Facebook advertising week sessions will be broadcast over the site and some interesting talks are planned that are well worth checking out.

These include:

  • Exploring the new frontiers of creativity: The future of connection is rewritten every day – people connect with each other, with companies and with culture in new and innovative ways. Nicky Bell, Facebook’s Vice President, Global Head of Creative Shop, will examine how human creativity first shapes the future of marketing.
  • The future of shopping: Businesses can exceed today’s buyer expectations by leveraging the latest technology. Gene Alston, Facebook’s Vice President of Commerce, will speak with Salima Popatia, Senior Vice President of Global Online Customer Acquisition & Retention at The Estée Lauder Companies, to discuss how to bring this new frontier from live shopping to product dispenses have mastered.
  • The critical role of creators in advertising: The increasing democratization of creativity and attention is redefining how flavor makers are made and how influence is gained. Alvin Bowles, Facebook’s Vice President of Business Ecosystem Partnerships, will speak with Dara Treseder, Peloton’s Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, about the Creator Ecosystem.

More creative approaches, live shopping, influencer marketing – all of these are major trends that have the potential to change your approach in line with the broader shift towards e-commerce and the evolving way in which social platforms are used change.

Each session contains internal insights and notes from the Facebook team, and they could be a great way to learn about the latest trends and usage changes to broaden your thinking.

Facebook will hold a total of seven sessions during the advertising week – you can find out more about the individual events here.