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eYantra acquires the digital marketing agency Digital Ozone

eYantra acquires the digital marketing agency Digital OzoneeYantra, a branded merchandising and marketing company, announced that it has acquired Hyderabad-based digital marketing agency Digital Ozone to further expand its digital marketing capabilities.

With this acquisition, eYantra aims to consolidate its brand marketing capabilities and offer comprehensive digital marketing services to large corporate customers.

Digital Ozone will be renamed eYantra Media after the acquisition. The Digital Ozone team, with its extensive expertise in providing end-to-end digital marketing services for business customers, will complement eYantra’s branding and merchandising capabilities and help make eYantra the preferred choice for all branding and marketing needs Becomes a partner for companies.

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Raj N, founder of eYantra, said: “Based on our experience with corporate branding for large companies (B2B) we have found that there is a large gap between the demands of digital marketing and the demands of competition. The service model that most digital marketing agencies offer is a hindrance to long-term growth. There is a lack of good digital marketing agencies with a B2B focus around the world. We want to fill this gap with eYantra Media, a one-stop shop for all branding and marketing needs of B2B companies. “

Archana Purohit, Founder and CEO of Digital Ozone, will serve as CEO of eYantra Media, a subsidiary that will focus on building B2B SaaS marketing capabilities.

“Today, a company with more than 250 employees uses an average of more than 100 SaaS apps. Small businesses with up to 50 employees use between 25 and 50 SaaS solutions. The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of SaaS across all industries and business formats. To have an advantage, it is imperative to build partnerships that will help create thought guidance. With digital media being the only sales channel, it is time we adjusted to meet specific marketing needs for selling technology to the untapped potential of B2B SaaS companies in India, “added Purohit.

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