EY provides all employees a free masters in enterprise analytics at Hult

EY offers all employees a free Masters in Business Analytics at Hult

The Big Four company EY is offering a new, fully accredited Masters in Business Analytics that is freely accessible to all employees. The news is the latest in an ongoing relationship between the professional services giant and Hult International Business School.

Commenting on the new program, Mukul Kumar, Hult’s Chief Innovation Officer said, “The EY Masters in Business Analytics by Hult is a big step forward as we help the EY organization find talented people with the data and artificial intelligence skills they need to keep and train to solve the business challenges of tomorrow. Helping learners acquire relevant knowledge, practice skills and incorporate ideas into the workplace to solve big business problems is at the core of Hult’s mission to be the world’s most relevant business school and we look forward to that Working with EY teams on this leading fringe program. “

EY’s new Masters course was developed in collaboration with Hult International Business School and aims to develop EY employees’ understanding of AI and to help them learn new, technology-driven ways of working. The program is the latest example of how EY is working to retrain its workforce as the world of work continues to digitize rapidly after the pandemic.

Trent Henry, EY Global Vice Chair for Talent, commented, “Technology is changing everything – from the way we work and create value, to our lives and how we interact as a society. The business impact is huge and this new qualification will help EY employees bring new services to customers by leveraging the latest technology to tackle a wide variety of challenges, from fighting cybercrime to tackling climate change. This innovative program is just one of the ways that EY employees are helped to overcome global challenges by helping them develop the right skills and design the careers they want to truly suit them. “

The new EY Masters in Business Analytics by Hult is being launched along with a new campaign to bring even more tech talent to EY. The focus is on a two-day, live, virtual event from EY Tech Careers, where potential recruits can meet EY technologists and executives to learn more about what a career in technology with the EY organization can offer. The EY organization already includes over 44,000 technologists and 22,000 data professionals across the global enterprise.

Last summer, in cooperation with Hult, EY also introduced a new virtual corporate MBA, which is available to all 284,000 EY employees in more than 150 countries free of charge and regardless of previous qualification or location. The program focuses on helping EY employees develop the mindset and skills to navigate new ways of working, with all learning taking place entirely online – with the first graduates announced in early 2021.