EY proclaims the acquisition of UK consulting enterprise Lane4 Administration Group Holdings Restricted


EY today announced the acquisition of Lane4 Management Group Holdings Limited, a UK consultancy specializing in leadership and team development, business performance, transformation and cultural change.

The acquisition will support EY People Advisory Services’ growth ambitions by helping to strengthen EY’s leadership and culture change capabilities and reputation in the marketplace. 130 employees serving 100 Lane4 customers will join the EY People Advisory Services teams operating as EY Lane4.

For a company to become truly market leader, its performance depends heavily on the behavior and mindset of its employees. The combination of the EY and Lane4 teams will reach out to more people and put people first to help them develop the skills and mindset to achieve things that they might not previously have thought possible. Lane4’s complementary suite of digital assets, knowledge and teams of highly skilled people, combined with the broad reach of EY services, will enable the delivery of digital subscription services to all, on a large scale.

Tricia Nelson, Managing Partner for People Advisory Services, UK & Ireland, Ernst & Young LLP, commented: “The acquisition of Lane4’s business represents a significant investment and aims to strengthen EY’s position as a leading leadership development and large-scale organization strengthen culture and transformative leadership projects.

“It shows EY’s ambition, commitment and dedication to exceed the expectations of EY customers in the UK and around the world. We look forward to welcoming the Lane4 teams to the EY organization and serving their clients in an exciting period of ambitious growth and development for EY People Advisory Services.

“The combination of EY and Lane4 experts is a powerful force in developing the leaders of the future. Lane4’s ambition to improve work life, along with EY’s goal of building a better work environment, will help develop transformative leaders by engaging with clients in truly innovative and groundbreaking ways. “

Alison Kay, Managing Partner for Client Services, UK & Ireland, Ernst & Young LLP commented: “The acquisition is part of the broader growth strategy in the UK and Ireland for the next three to four years and will add additional capabilities to the company to bring greater value to EY customers. Lane4 is known across the UK for delivering market leading culture and transformation projects and will build on the skills and credentials of EY People Advisory Services in this area. “

Adrian Moorhouse, Managing Director and Founder of Lane4, said, “We look forward to becoming part of the EY organization and supporting EY People Advisory Services. Our goal has always been to improve working life. The powerful combination of EY and Lane4 teams means we can reach even more leaders and more people while helping our clients reshape their work environments and improve the performance of their teams and companies. Together we will unleash the strength of our combined teams. “