Enterprise know-how consultancy agency η!Transformers launches

Enterprise technology consultancy η! Transformers launches

Four experienced consultants in the Netherlands – Aernoudt Bottemanne, Daan Leenders, Roy van de Kerkhof and Gerwin Woelders – have teamed up to found a new consulting company: η! Transformers.

η! Transformers, based in Nijmegen, focuses on the interface between management consulting and technology implementation. “After many years of consulting work, we have found that there is a ‘gap’ between management consulting and IT consulting. We want to close this gap with our “Business Technology Consulting” offer, ”explained Bottemanne.

Bottemanne gained extensive experience at IG&H and the software companies OutSystems and Oracle, among others. The other founders have gained experience at NovioQ and Scanmar (Leenders), NovioQ, OutSystems, SAP and IBM (Van de Kerkhof) and RVO, Blueriq and IG&H (Woelders). Bottemanne and Woelders manage the day-to-day business of the company.

η! Transformers will focus its services on four areas. For starters advising customers on their digital strategies – “How can you grow, innovate and work more efficiently with intelligent technologies and methods such as OpenEXO?”

The second proposal from η! Transformers focuses on “choosing the right technology platforms that match the customer’s vision for the future,” and includes more traditional software like Microsoft and Salesforce, low-code platforms like Veritran, Quidgest and OutSystems, and specialized ones Software for specific industries such as Mambu for financial services institutions.

In addition to provider selection and implementation, η! Transformers also takes into account facets such as (composable) architecture and Regtech (regulatory compliance technology) – to ensure that all software remains adaptable in the future and complies with applicable laws and regulations. “That is important because there is only one thing certain in life, and that is: change,” said Bottemann.

In addition to consulting, η! Transformers will offer ‘as a subscription’ (SaaS) solutions, such as: For example, an AML solution that delivers “up to 65% fewer false positives than other solutions” on the market, and a patient-focused EHR that is “more pleasant for staff and offers patients a better experience at significantly lower costs than current providers “.

The co-founders bring many years of experience in these areas to their new company. “Together we have carried out more than fifty projects in the field of digital transformation in both the private and public sectors.”