Enterprise College Briefing: board critiques, campus buildings, alumni careers

Business School Briefing: board reviews, campus buildings, alumni careers

Welcome to the Business School Briefing. We offer insights from Andrew Hill and Jonathan Moules as well as the selection of the top stories that are read in business schools. Edited by Wai Kwen Chan and Andrew Jack.

Andrew Hills Management Challenge

The Board Directors of Wirecard and Carillion received excellent reviews of their performance in the last annual reports before their companies’ implosion. As I mention in my column this week, this begs the question of whether it makes sense to do on-board performance reviews.

For my Management challenge This week, send me a question or two you would ask the directors to see if they are doing a good job. They can be open ended or multiple choice. Send your ideas to [email protected]

Last week I asked the staff for their empathetic memo about the imminent downsizing. Sérgio Costa rightly points out that a short memo carries the risk of sounding spontaneous. I don’t have space to include the full statement he’s envisioning, but it does have this nice line from his fictional CEO: “I will keep working as hard as I can so we can start hiring again as soon as possible ..” Your names will not be forgotten: after all, I wouldn’t be here if you hadn’t done as well as you. “

Further reading is about … reading. I’m intrigued by Fable, the new book lovers app launched by former Cisco Chief Technology Officer Padmasree Warrior. She wants to start “a tech company with the soul of an artist,” but Maria Aspan, who writes for Fortune, says Warrior and her investors “also see a great opportunity to turn business-to-business reading for pleasure” . which sounds a little less romantic.

Jonathan Moules’ Business School News

IE University has announced that it will be welcoming the first students to its new 180-meter high-rise campus block in September. The 35-story building with a capacity of 6,000 students will be one of the few vertical locations in the world. Despite the pandemic, many schools are pushing campus expansions, as I’ve reported in the past. At the moment, many students and faculties from other schools are itching to return to their own campuses.

Another trend are MBA courses in sports and sports management. Florida International University’s College of Business has launched an online MBA in Sports Management developed in partnership with Real Madrid Graduate School (University of Europa). The 17-month program aims to prepare graduates to successfully and responsibly manage sports institutions.

Data line

Consulting remains an attractive career path for business school graduates at European business schools, writes Leo Cremonezi. On the flip side, Executive MBA alumni who participated in our FT ranking survey tend to get into the industrial, financial, and banking sectors.

Bar chart of the percentage of alumni working in different sectors three years after completing their European EMBA, MBA or Masters in Management degree, showing European business schools: Consulting and finance / banking are popular career choices for MBA and Masters in Management Alumni

EMBAs are aimed at senior executives and usually have many years of professional experience at the start of their studies. MiM programs are aimed at candidates with little or no work experience, while MBA students typically have at least three years of work experience.

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Top business school reads

Jack Ma makes his first public appearance since Ant’s canceled IPO Alibaba shares rose after the Chinese billionaire reappeared on video after a three-month absence

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Joe Biden sworn in as 46th US President The new Commander in Chief declares that democracy has prevailed after a turbulent transfer of power

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