eight Firms Doing Good within the World Proper Now

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The world is a crazy place right now and every day seems to bring a new level of stress, anxiety and unrest.

However, in the past few weeks we've seen some of the biggest goodwill shows from companies around the world.

And because we all need some good news in our feeds, I've put together a list of the best good deeds we've seen that give us hope and restore our trust in humanity.

Hand disinfectants have been in short supply lately. To remedy the shortage, distilleries in the United States make their own according to the World Health Organization recipe. The recipe requires a solution with at least 60% alcohol, which is certainly a thing that these distilleries have ample access to. And to better support their communities, some of these companies even gave their hand sanitizer free of charge while supplies last.

Massive runs with surgical masks have created a shortage for those in the medical field who need them most. In response, Razer – a company that typically makes gaming PCs – did its part to help with bottlenecks. The company is adapting its manufacturing machines to create more masks and plans to donate them to countries with the greatest need.

Another company enters to help the tense world of medical technology. is iFixit, which focuses on teaching consumers how to repair their own technology. Life-saving machines such as ventilators are already overused. As a result, iFixit gathers hard-to-find machine repair information for all types of hospital equipment. In this way, biomedical technicians can work quickly to put the machines into operation and save lives.

Grocery store employees are at the forefront, especially now that many states have shut down all restaurant operations. Many store workers are (understandably) asking for compensation for the risk, and Trader Joe is working hard to achieve this. The chain offers scaled bonuses to all employees who have worked to support their communities with health risks and "unprecedented" sales increases.

Most of us have a little more time at home. While going through the entire Netflix catalog is a perfectly adequate way to spend your time, you can take advantage of the great offer from Yale. They opened their most popular class online for free so you can grow a little mentally during quarantine.

The Australian grocery chain is one of several grocery stores that introduce an hour of shopping specifically for the elderly and other vulnerable groups. This should protect the health of these people, but also give them a head start in getting their necessary supplies before the panic-buying masses sweep through the shelves.

The owner of these chains announced that he would continue to pay employees for their regular working hours if businesses were closed due to coronavirus and would offer compensation to employees who were quarantined. While some other companies (like Home Depot) are also getting on the paid sick leave train, it's encouraging to see such big names take a stand and support their employees.

Every time I turn around, H-E-B does something different to help the community and their employees (#TexasPride). Just scroll through the Twitter feed and you can see the company offer increases, delivery services for older customers, limited hours to help replenish, and donate $ 3 million to nonprofits that help vulnerable populations . Just when I thought I couldn't love H-E-B anymore, they made such movements.

As we bask in all the goodness that is happening around the world to support each other, we hope these ideas inspire you to be nice to each other.

And remember, no matter how small the act of making a difference in a person's life still makes a difference.

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