eight Books to Assist Make You a Higher Author

8 Books to Help Make You a Better Writer

Every good marketer is also a good writer – or at least it should be.

Regardless of whether you are on the content marketing team and it is your main job, or whether you are in management and responsible for writing blog posts, almost all professionals need to have an adequate level of writing skills.

But even the best writers sometimes need help. Whether you feel that the words don't flow as usual or your commas and apostrophes seem very out of place, we have everything for you.

Here are 8 books to help everyone improve their writing skills.

Everybody Writes is a guide to attracting and retaining customers in an increasingly digital world. Although it looks like the digital landscape is filled almost entirely with clickbaity headlines, hashtags, and gifs, the need for good writing has never been greater. For companies, especially digital ones, it is important to choose their words carefully when communicating with their customers. Whether it's a blog post, a lead magnet or something in between, good writing is now more important than ever. This book gives you all the information and tools you need to write well in the digital world.

As technology advances, people's attention spans seem to have narrowed. Just as consumers have got used to it everything else When your life is streamlined, you need to optimize your writing and presentation skills. Cute, fluffy and schmaltzy is quickly replaced by concise, tactical and clear. The faster you get your audience's attention and clarify your point of view, the better. Learn how to say more with fewer words and get your message across in less than 3 minutes.

Practice makes perfect, and this book allows you to do just that: practice your writing. This book contains prompts or sentences that should not only help you practice, but should also come out of your comfort zone. The prompts range from happy to sad, scary to funny, and all give you lots of things to write about. If you think writing about dying is scary, try writing about your first kiss …

This book contains many tips and best practices for writing and is therefore a must for authors everywhere. At its core, however, this book is aimed at people who are either burned out when writing or are afraid of not having what it takes to become a good writer. Goins intertwined his tips in his story of self-actualization and talks about the steps he had to take to become a professional writer and overcome his own self-doubts. He explains what he did and why you have to do it. This book is not only tactical but also really easy to read.

There's a lot that helps to be a great writer, but it's impossible without having a solid grasp of the grammar. Grammar may seem boring and pedantic to some people, but it's the foundation on which all good writing is built. That is why it is important for writers to have a place where they can get all this important information. Your message doesn't matter if you can't clearly deliver it to your audience. This book is timeless and will be as helpful in 50 years as it is today.

Marketing is a profession of conviction, so it makes sense that every marketer learns what constitutes convincing writing. Not only do you need a good product, you have to convince people to buy it. Frederick offers 27 rules of conviction that are used in writing advertising campaigns and have been shown to work over time. If you properly implement these rules in your other content, your typing team will quickly feel like a sales team.

Stories are exciting. They make people listen and remember. And as a New York Times bestselling author, there aren't many professionals more qualified to tell you that than Donald Miller. Miller's StoryBrand process has been shown to deliver business results using the power of a great story. By teaching the 7 universal story points that people respond to, how to simplify a brand message, and how to communicate effectively through anecdotes, he shares vital information that can help businesses grow faster than ever. Who knew the secret of copying was to think like a writer?

This book has become evergreen and has been updated over the years. It is often praised for his advice and for Zinsser's insight into the writing process. It is a classic book that has gotten better over time and sold over a million copies. From writing a book to blogging to emailing, On Writing Well is for every writer or person who just needs to write to improve their prose.

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