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Link building backlinks SEO

It's no secret that link building is one of the most challenging and important tactics in search engine optimization. Google values ​​high quality backlinks very much as they are the best indicators of whether your website is relevant in this area or not.

By simply crowdsourcing, Google can use website data (number of links pointing to your website) to determine the viability and relevance of your website for specific topics.

Why is link building so difficult?

Over the years, SEOs from around the world have been able to manipulate the Google algorithm Black hat link building tactic like link farms and link buying. In response, Google has determined what patterns result from such tactics and has severely punished websites that continue to use these methods.

As a result, websites now need to be creative in using different strategies that naturally lead to a higher volume of backlinks. However, there are several things to consider when executing link building strategies, including:

  • The difference between unique referring domains and backlinks
  • The importance of the connection flow
  • The influence of digital PR

Concentrate on unique referring domains

As you approach link building, it can be tempting for your team to track as many backlinks as possible, regardless of where they come from. This can be an advantage for the first links. After a while, however, you will find that yields go down.

The reason why the crowdsourcing analogy is so helpful to explain this is simple: the more authoritative websites approve the content of your website, the more Google recognizes your website as authoritative.

If you keep getting backlinks from the same website over and over again, Google may think you're participating in questionable techniques and you could be negatively affected.

Of course, with the goal of increasing unique referring domains, you are more likely to look for links from different websites to minimize the risk that the Google algorithm will negatively affect you.

That said, there are many websites that use content aggregation methods, such as: Databasewhere you can easily get a link. You won't ruin your authority by submitting content through their website because:

  1. Database is an extremely reputable source for content.
  2. The number of links you receive in return is not high enough for Google to identify as a problem.

The best advice I can give is to look for other unique link building partners to further improve your general authority.

Why the connection flow is critical

Link flow is defined as the rate at which new backlinks flow into your website. To understand why connection flow is important, you need to understand Google E-A-T Guidelines. E-A-T stands for expertise, authority and trustworthiness.

Create new content to get a high level of quality links to determine the authority and trustworthiness of your industry. This continuous flow of content and links shows Google that:

  1. You are active in your industry and community.
  2. Other authoritative websites continue to mark your authority.

A slow connection flow can indicate lost relevance or trustworthiness in your industry or across the Internet. Continue to create relevant content and actively engage your audience in an ongoing effort to get high quality backlinks. Quality over quantity is the key.

Influence of digital PR

Digital PR (public relations) is a pillar of digital marketing This focuses on media work, thought leadership and relationship marketing. While link building is not the primary (or even secondary) goal of digital PR, it can be a central link building tool.

One of the main focuses of digital PR is brand awareness, which can include reaching relevant podcasts for a company representative as a guest or putting up digital media to report on a new company history. In most cases, if you, your company, or an expert in your company are featured in a podcast, event, or in the media, the website will be linked to your website again.

These tactics don't directly affect your SEO goals. However, if your website gets backlinks from high-authority websites, your ability to rank for more sophisticated keywords will improve significantly.

It is important that your PR team and your web strategy team work hand in hand on digital initiatives. For an effective digital PR strategy you need:

  • A designer who creates infographics or other marketing materials
  • A dedicated outreach strategist who is the face of the PR team
  • A web strategist who works hand in hand with a link building lens

Some creative teamwork can help to dramatically improve your digital results.

3 tactics to try on

Think of creative ideas that are easy to implement and so powerful that your return is worth it, since the link building process can take up a large part of your time.

I have broken down three data-driven link building tactics that have been proven to continuously increase brand authority.

Thought leadership

Think of any blogs, newsletters or podcasts that you regularly read, listen to and refer to on a daily basis. This applies to marketing blogs Marketo, G2, and SEMrush. This applies to general business blogs Mashable, Business insider, and Forbes. In technology it is TechCrunch, Gizmodo, and Read Write.

There is a reason why you keep coming back to these blogs. Why? It is known that they publish high quality content, that their content is data driven and that their contributions are written by experts in their respective industries.

Humans not only constantly refer to them verbally; You also link to these pages.

Business insider Rank with an Ahrefs rank of 242 (from the entire Ahrefs database) with over 114 million backlinks from over 458,000 websites.

TechCrunch Rank with an Ahrefs rank of 294, with another 73.1 million backlinks from over 319,000 websites.

Link building backlinks SEO

Depending on the industry your company is in, these thought leaders differ significantly. However, one function is very consistent: good authoritative content generates a large number of backlinks with the right target group. This is not rocket science.

Unique research

Some companies create reports that span multiple industries or sub-verticals. For example for digital marketing: content, social media, SEO, email, advertising, web strategy and market research. They create unique infographics for each research report and make them highly divisible, with little or no friction.

Link building backlinks SEO

By publishing the annual report, they generate thousands of backlinks from many websites and also generate unique referring domains.

By creating a report that is widely recognized and referenced in your industry, you can generate a lot of SEO value in terms of authority for your website.

Guest post

Guest posts (or guest blogs) are processes for sharing or writing content for another website with the hope of receiving a backlink in return. Businesses use guest posting strategies to create high quality content for authoritative publications across their industry. Guest posts can also improve the organic reach of businesses through SEO, social media, and more. Overall, it helps your brand become more visible and shows that other companies trust you to share your expertise. Think about it, they trust you enough to share content on their own website.

In return, the author usually contains a useful link back to his website in order to achieve a further significant value. Depending on the company you are writing for, you may reserve the right to remove this link at any time. If you haven't written the content for them, you may have to take this risk.

Regardless, posting guests can help your digital PR efforts and increase brand awareness for audiences that you previously had no access to. You can get a link directly from this website, and you can also get indirect backlinks from subsequent readers of your website and blog.

The policy uses guest posts as one of its main drivers for referencing domain growth (see below).

Link building backlinks SEO

The central theses

Link building is and remains one of the most influential ranking factors in search engine marketing. Google continues to value high quality backlinks and will continue to act against inorganic link building schemes that “trick” their algorithm.

If you build an audience that continuously consumes your content, it will at least slowly link to your website. By creating relevant and unique content, organic links to your website are created. Creating professional relationships with other websites in the same area and sharing content will continue to create links for your website.

There are other simple link building techniques like broken link structure and Brand mention range;; However, these should not be at the heart of your link building strategy.

Above all, understanding the basics of relationship and content marketing will help you. Use the relationships you have established and focus on doing more later. Continue to add value to your target audience and the partners you work with, and link building will go smoothly from now on.

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