Dubai specialists ship world-class masterclass on AI and digital advertising and marketing at Tashkent State College of Economics


Khodjaeva Dildora, Director, University of Applied Sciences Krems (Austria); Amit Yadav, Head of Digital Marketing and E-Commerce Kashkha; Hina Bakht, Deputy Chairwoman of ATECA Holding and Managing Director of EVOPS Marketing DMCC; Prof. Dilshodjon Rakhmonov, Vice Rector for International Cooperation, Tashkent State Economic University; Zarina Khamidova, Business Development Manager, ATECA Hotel Academy Hub; and Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Aziz, Head of the Business Administration Department, University of Applied Sciences Krems (Austria)
Photo credit: Delivered

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are just as pioneering in digital marketing as they are changing companies in other sectors and industries. Dubai-based industry experts Hina Bakht, Vice Chairman of ATECA Holding and Managing Director for EVOPS Marketing DMCC, and Amit Yadav, Head of Digital Marketing and e-Commerce Kashkha, gave an in-depth presentation on this topic at the Tashkent State University of Economics ( TSUE).

The full-day program for senior students looking for a broad perspective highlighted how AI is used in digital marketing through practical frameworks and where it is most commonly used. It helped participants understand the skills required to become a successful marketing strategist and achieve business success and growth.

Hina emphasized: “Both I and Amit are very grateful to the Tashkent State University of Economics for giving us the opportunity to share our expertise and experience on such a prestigious platform. AI is on its way to becoming the most transformative technology humanity has ever experienced. Therefore, the latest developments in AI are changing the world faster than ever and have made behavior analysis and predictive analysis in digital marketing much more precise and simple, which offers unprecedented benefits for companies. “

Amit said: “AI connects users with businesses and, through chatbots, intelligent voice assistants and automation, offers a completely new customer experience that uses and changes almost every sector of the economy, from retail to tourism, finance and healthcare. It increases both the value and the competitive advantage for companies. “

Using award-winning case studies such as Google Duplex, BMW, Amazon Go, Alibaba, Alphabet, Deep Minds, Netflix, MarketMuse and others, Hina and Amit explained the diverse uses and advantages of AI in marketing to the students.

Hina emphasized, “Digital technologies force marketers to rethink their approach at every step. First of all, every company has to understand when and how the latest analysis technology from Big Data to AI or IoT can be used in order to continuously gain new live insights into the customer and the market. “

Amit added: “It is important to effectively convert insights into values ​​by generating outstanding experiences along the customer journey. It’s about scaling the use of successive technologies such as social media, AI, robotics or blockchain within the marketing strategy and in the entire customer funnel. The ultimate goal for any business should be to create and deliver value in order to secure a competitive advantage. “

Tashkent State Economic University (TSUE), founded in 1931 under the Uzbek Ministry of Higher Education and Secondary Education, is a leading and one of the largest universities in the field of economics in Central Asia. With more than 16,000 students on campus, the university has strategic connections to some of the world’s largest academic institutions such as the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and the Krems University of Applied Sciences (Austria).