DMA – A Main Digital Advertising Company in Singapore Helps Companies Enhance On-line Presence

DMA - a leading digital marketing agency in Singapore helps companies increase their online presence

Singapore – July 22, 2021 – The Covid-19 pandemic has done more than empty cabins in favor of the home office. It has changed the way companies retain existing customers and attract new ones. D’Marketing Agency responded with a comprehensive suite of digital marketing services specifically designed for today’s challenges and tomorrow’s business landscape.

Successful companies face the challenge even in global crises. Many have done this by digitizing core operations, including moving millions of jobs to the home office. Forward-thinking companies have taken the opportunity to lower their operating costs by reducing their presence in brick-and-mortar stores. Similarly, ambitious companies are turning to digital marketing like never before.

Digital marketing brings brand messages to a fast and ever growing group of consumers. A YouGov study published in February 2021 shows that Singaporeans are more likely to interact with social media advertising than the global average of 30%. Digital marketing is no longer a complement to print and television campaigns. It is now firmly anchored as the centerpiece of successful branding and marketing efforts across all sectors.

Leo Tan, director of D’Marketing, notes that the pandemic has changed customer expectations and priorities.

“The Covid-19 pandemic brought massive new audiences to digital marketing campaigns,” he says, “but this expansion has also changed the way people look for digital brand messages. Above all, they want stability, security and support in turbulent times – new financing options for large purchases or service plans are not enough.

“Digital marketing is more than just a new channel for old ideas. By emphasizing connection, entertainment and education, we are actively serving the emerging needs of a new mass audience. D’Marketing Agency takes a systematic approach to meet these needs. Our partnerships with influencers promote a sense of community. Our narrative material entertains, promotes brand values ​​and increases brand awareness at the same time. And our stimulating content – both text and video – meet customers on their terms, train them and give them practical answers to their most pressing questions. “

The pandemic is already easing in many parts of the world, but Tan predicts that digital marketing has permanently supplanted more traditional forms of brand communication.

“Companies that now, in difficult times, demonstrate real knowledge of their customers will be fondly remembered years after the pandemic. There might not be a more difficult time to do business, but digital marketing makes this an ideal time to build brand loyalty. “

To learn more about how D’Marketing Agency helps companies find new customers and new life models, please contact Leo Tan directly at +65 8923 7841 or [email protected].

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