Distressed Halftone Textures Pack for Premium Members

Access All Areas members can download useful textures this week courtesy of Shapeshift. The Distressed Halftone Textures Pack allows you to mimic the style of classic industrial printing methods by adding halftone patterns to your artwork such as those seen on old comics, newspapers, and inexpensive prints. This package of distressed halftone textures contains 40 high-resolution images in JPG and PNG format, each with a unique distribution of dot patterns with different densities. Use them as a background for your designs or add layer masks to erase parts of your artwork and give it that vintage grunge look.


Shapeshift provides quality design resources to graphic designers and illustrators. You will find a range of tools for creating popular art styles and effects that will help you work faster, smarter, and more efficiently! Check out the unique Vintage Engraving Lines texture pack, which gives you a range of detailed line patterns to reproduce one of the popular aesthetics of the vintage design style.

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Distressed Halftone Textures Pack for Premium Members

The Distressed Halftone Textures Pack contains 40 textures in JPG format (2448 x 3264 x 300 ppi) and 40 textures in PNG format with a transparent background. JPG and PNG files are common formats that are widely supported in image editing applications. However, these resources are best used in Adobe Photoshop or equivalent design software.

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