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Walt Disney Company is the latest to reveal its plans to connect with the likes of Mark Zuckerberg and Microsoft in the Metaverse. High-Ho High-Ho, off to the Metaverse is where all the big brands want to go!

The new technology concept, a mixture of the physical and digital world in which people can interact virtually, is becoming a fixation worth billions for executives in Silicon Valley.

Hollywood is also taking note of this, according to Disney boss Bob Chapek, who said on Wednesday the company was preparing for the jump into virtual reality.

Regarding Disney’s storytelling innovation story, which includes the Mickey Mouse cartoon Steamboat Willie, one of the first to feature synchronized audio, Chapek said: improve the entertainment experience. “

Disney’s former Executive Vice President of Digital, Tilak Mandadi, wrote a 2020 LinkedIn post about creating a theme park metaverse where the “physical and digital worlds” converge through wearable devices and cell phones.

During the company’s quarterly corporate results conference call, Chapek added, “Our efforts so far are just a prologue to a time we can even more closely connect the physical and digital worlds, enabling limitless storytelling in our own Disney Metavers . “

Chapek did not provide specific details of Disney’s plans in the call for results, in line with a concept that is still in its infancy across the tech industry. However, in another interview on CNBC on Wednesday, he hinted that the company’s streaming service Disney + would be involved.

In the interview, Chapek expressed that he sees it as an extension of Disney + through the “three-dimensional canvas” he envisions for new types of storytelling that could include a range of characters from Mickey Mouse to Snow White and Iron Man enough and Luke Skywalker.

Disney +, with 118 million subscribers, has already launched a number of successful franchise spin-offs such as the Star Wars adventure The Mandalorian and the Avengers series Wandavision.

The possibilities are endless. The idea of ​​creating a more interactive path that, as I said, “allows for limitless storytelling in our own Disney metaverse” is intriguing and inventive. While the Disney Metaverse is still in the early stages of development, it’s an exciting new experience that opens a door to a whole new world with new levels of immersive entertainment.