Dior broadcasts its partnership with UNESCO World Training Coalition

Dior announces its partnership with the UNESCO Global Education Coalition

Dior builds on its commitment to its (email protected) education program for young female students

Maison Christian Dior recently announced its support for the UNESCO Global Education Coalition. Launched a few months ago in response to the Covid-19 crisis, the initiative aims to help countries improve best distance learning practices to provide educational opportunities for children and young people who are most at risk. As the first couture house to join the initiative, Dior builds on the commitment of its (email-protected) education program for young female students.

On July 15, Maison Christian Dior joined the UNESCO Global Education Coalition, a UNESCO initiative to help mitigate the impact of the health crisis on youth education around the world. With 87% of students worldwide affected by school closings due to Covid-19, educational inequalities have continued to worsen.

"Never before have we seen educational disruptions on such a scale," said Audrey Azoulay, Director General of UNESCO. “Partnership is the only way forward. This coalition is a call for coordinated and innovative action to unlock solutions that support not only learners and educators now but also during the recovery process, with an emphasis on inclusion and equity. "

Dior has opened its (email protected) program to 100 talented young female students from Niger, Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania, Jamaica, Pakistan, the Philippines and Sri Lanka. Students selected in collaboration with UNESCO are mentored by a Dior representative to help them develop confidence and pursue a career. You also have access to the platform for women leadership and sustainability, which was launched in June as part of (email protected).

Women Leadership & Sustainability offers 15 courses in which various dimensions of the core values ​​(protected by email) of autonomy, inclusion, creativity and sustainability are examined.

After the theoretical courses, participants put what they learned into practice by creating a “Dream for Change” project designed to help empower young girls at the local level.

The most impactful projects can be supported by Dior and the LVMH group.

Maison Christian Dior's support for the Global Coalition for Education is another rapprochement between the LVMH group and UNESCO. In 2019 the two companies signed a partnership through which the group will support the “People and the Biosphere” (MAB) program. The aim of this project is to ensure the conservation of biological diversity worldwide through international cooperation. In this frame Maison Guerlain has also partnered with UNESCO.

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