Digital enablement consultancy DMPG expands into Australia

Digital enablement consulting firm DMPG starts in Brisbane

UK-based digital activation consultancy DMPG has landed in Australia and has appointed former PwC and Venntifact consultant James Wawne as Head of Operations Down Under.

DMPG was founded in London in 2013 and has since grown to a team of around 25 professionals. The company specializes in helping clients design and implement customer data platforms, marketing automation (primarily Google and Adobe), cross-channel personalization, conversion rate optimization, digital analytics and tag management.

Steve Carrod, co-owner and managing director of DMPG, explained why the company is expanding into Australia: “We work with global brands around the world. It makes sense to expand our presence to support the success of our clients with the addition of an office outside the UK. “

According to James Wawne, Australia offers DMPG the opportunity to successfully establish itself in the market, with an emphasis on the medium to small business segment.

“Digital transformation is an area where Australian companies in both private and public sectors have struggled for years to realize value and an area that we can uniquely support by using our data intelligently and in an experiential way. “

“I think big consulting firms in Australia have managed too long to overcharge and deliver too little digitally. We will work to challenge this by helping to provide the next generation of skills. ”

Building digital skills

With the DMPG approach, building this capability requires a four-step approach. “We usually recommend starting with a vision and an executive sponsor to establish a mandate for change and a clear vision of the business fundamentals before we prioritize the issues to be resolved and help evangelize the successes.”

The digital consulting then helps your customers to implement the customer-oriented strategy in the pillars of the customer experience, the data strategy and the technology architecture. The company’s consultants and technology experts then create the solutions, including the data interfaces and the API architecture.

“A critical and often overlooked element is cultivating a data-driven culture that we believe requires a real commitment to aligning and educating people, providing governance and rewards, and ways of working that embed data into decision-making,” said Wawne. “The key is to make sure the results are embedded and sustainable.”

When asked how he thinks DMPG is different from the rest, Wawne said, “Our only agenda is to deliver the best customer experience and business value. We are experienced, pragmatic and flexible and quickly become an invaluable addition to the customer team so that skills can be created quickly. ”

Before joining DMPG, Wawne was Strategy & Data Director at Venntifact and Digital Intelligence Consultant at Big Four PwC. He moved to Australia in 2013 after previously serving on Virgin Media’s e-commerce team and Forrester’s research practice, among others.

Carrod: “We are delighted to have James Wawne leading operations in Australia and New Zealand. He brings a level of knowledge and experience in this market that will be invaluable to our new and existing customers as they seek to improve their digital performance in this evolving industry. “

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