Digital advertising company Primal, led by Forbes 30 underneath 30 Mark McDowell, joins international digital company group with unique NFT challenge

Thailand’s fastest growing digital agency is no accident. Their rapid growth was driven by their dedication to innovation and constant pushing of boundaries.

And they’re back.

Under the direction of Forbes 30 Under 30 Mark McDowell, Primal is part of a larger network of agencies now grouped under one “super brand” – Superist.

With Primal at the top, Superist wants to gain a foothold in the global digital scene. Superist is not only introducing its new “super brand”, but is also offering its own NFTs and plans to accept cryptocurrencies for customer payments in the coming months.

As part of its launch, Superist has released nine NFTs on OpenSea, each of which represents a major leader in the global group. Each NFT also includes an hour of each conductor’s time, which can be redeemed immediately or at a later time. The longer the owner of the NFT holds on to the time, the more valuable it becomes as the group becomes more successful.


The group currently consists of Appscore (Australia), Chili (Brazil, Panama, Mexico), CODI Agency (Australia) First Page (Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore), Lisnic (Australia), Primal (Malaysia and Thailand), Removify (Australia) and USEO (Middle East) offer a variety of services including digital marketing, content creation, reputation management, app and website development, celebrity speakers and online mentoring.

“This is an exciting time for the agency as we are leveraging our regional experience in more collaborative ways to deliver integrated results across the region and grow strong brands as a unified global group with a variety of offerings,” said Primal CEO, Mark McDowell.