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Managing relationships with customers and prospects online is a major challenge for companies entering digital marketing. Thinking about original content, call-to-action, generating leads, segmenting contacts and sending campaigns are some everyday tasks that can be done intuitively, automatically and with visible results.

To help small and medium-sized businesses get more contacts, communicate and convert, E-goi – a marketing automation company – created the Social One plan, which offers a range of digital marketing features for free to help entrepreneurs they donate their first steps in the online environment.

The tool makes it possible to create, plan and publish posts in social networks (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google My Business); Insert WhatsApp forms on the brand’s website to capture contacts and start a conversation with the visitor; Send web push notifications that increase communication range and site traffic; Inserting pop-up forms to collect contacts according to the behavior of your visitor on the website; Create landing pages to gather critical information about your audience; In addition to creating and sending out email marketing campaigns, keep contacts up to date on all promotions and offers.

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According to E-goi’s Marketing Manager Marcelo Caruana, the Social One plan aims to offer a complete solution for companies that only pay for what they really need. “We are facing a very challenging new scenario for entrepreneurs who need to use the possibilities of digital marketing with effective solutions and fairer prices. In this plan, we have compiled the most important tools that small and medium-sized businesses can use to take the first step without financial investment. It is a way to prepare them for the universe of possibilities of digital marketing, to take advantage of companies and to get in contact with their customers ”, explains Caruana.

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