Digital Advertising and Bounce Rope Professional Geraldo Alken Tells A Story Of Braveness Main To Success – Press Launch

For many years he struggled to find his way around, find a job, and pay his bills after leaving college. They didn’t want him. He wasn’t experienced. Not good enough. Now he manages two companies that are generating seven-figure income.

Geraldo Alken is one of the few people in the world who has mastered his life and found true meaning. The digital marketing guru and skipping rope expert has been through a lot but now manages two companies that are earning 7-digit income by the age of 28.

After completing his bachelor’s degree in applied psychology, Geraldo decided to look for a job so that he could shape his life. He sent hundreds of applications, but none of them came back positive. Like most young men his age with no jobs and rising bills, he became frustrated and unsure of what to do.

Ultimately, he chose a 9-5 job in a call center that is nowhere near the core subject of his university. He wasn’t happy with the job because there was no excitement or fun, just a tedious everyday life.

While talking to a friend, Geraldo came up with the idea of ​​starting his own company. But he did not put a word into practice and achieved nothing for a long time. He eventually had the courage to start a digital marketing company he named Your Charisma. This name came about because people kept telling him that he had charisma and that he should use it to improve his life.

After several years of learning, struggle, setbacks and persistence, Your Charisma has grown into a very successful company serving thousands of companies with over 500 representatives in over 35 countries worldwide. They offer inbound marketing, website design, content creation, search engine optimization, email marketing, and social media marketing.

Two years after starting his digital marketing business, the unthinkable happened. Geraldo Alken tried to log into his social media accounts but couldn’t. He lost 80% of his business overnight and returned to # 1. Warriors never gave up, so he kept fighting inward to see if there was still a passion within him that hadn’t yet manifested.

He developed a new project called “Elevate Rope” teaching people how to use a jump rope to improve their mental state and physical well-being. Geraldo Alken’s skipping rope lessons are currently one of the most sought-after on the internet. He has a YouTube channel with hundreds of videos that offer tips, tricks, and strategies to get fitter, faster, stronger, and have fun with just one jump rope. Jump ropes, which he also sells in his webshop To top it off, he’s the founder of ‘The Elevate Family’. Also known as one of the largest jump rope fitness communities in the world.

Geraldo Alken is an inspiration to his generation. Despite everything he’s been through, he’s still able to express himself and perform at his best. He runs two companies at the age of 28, does what he loves, and earns over seven numbers a year. The reason he tells his story is to inspire other young people to achieve greatness, to believe in themselves. He said, “Even when the odds are against you, there is only one person who needs to believe in you and that is you. Let your mind work, start working and don’t stop until you have reached your goals or die trying. “

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