DevBrush Procreate Brushes for Premium Members

DevBrush 4.0 Procreate Brushes for Premium Members

Access All Areas members can download a brilliant collection of Procreate brushes this week, courtesy of DEVANDVAN. DevBrush 4.0 is designed for all letterers, calligraphers, and type designers who use the Procreate app to create their pieces. It contains 40 custom brushes specially designed for writing with the Apple Pencil for graffiti and marker pen effects. Each brush style has multiple versions so you can find the perfect amount of detail and texture in every stroke.

DEVANDVAN is the home of Alif Devan R, a calligrapher and type designer who makes a range of Procreate brush sets to help type artists bring their ideas to life. The DevBrush range includes a total of 6 individual collections, each with a unique selection of brush styles. Also check out the DevBrush for Procreate Bundle, which has all 150+ brushes in one huge, discounted package.

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Requirements for using DevBrush 4.0 brushes are an iPad Pro, Apple Pencil and the Procreate app. Transfer and load the downloaded brush files into Procreate, then choose from a number of custom brushes that replicate various handheld media including Sharpies, Crayolas, Spray Cans, and Molotov markers.

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