Dettol protects the return of cricket in 4 yr world partnership

Dettol is protecting the return of cricket in a four-year global partnership

Dettol is helping to inspire and reinforce new hygienic changes in the next generation of Australians through both community cricket and Dettol's school healthy habits program

Dettol and Cricket australia are proud to announce their new global partnership that supports the safe and hygienic return of the popular sport for Australian players, staff, fans and the community.

This summer, players ranging from elite levels to junior clubs can feel more secure as they return to lots, ovals and backyards thanks to the brand's trusted protection and new sanitary measures from Cricket Australia.

Dettol will join the men's One Day International and T20 International series as a naming rights partner over the next four years, as well as the men's support team and a partnership with the women's international team that won the World Cup.

Dettol and Cricket Australia are part of the partnership and will help investigate the transmission of germs in the sport where the use of sweat to polish the cricket ball while playing is a common practice.

After hearing about Cricket Australia's plans to test disinfectants on cricket balls, Dettol offered to use his expertise to test and validate various hypotheses about germ transfer during the game to protect players and staff.

The two organizations will work together to develop key hygiene protocols that will benefit teams, support staff and the wider cricket community. Dettol will also provide products for players, employees and suppliers that provide trustworthy germ protection throughout the season. This is in line with Cricket Australia's extensive hub protocols. This will be especially important as the men's and women's cricket teams travel across the country to attend the upcoming international games.

In addition to helping the return of cricket at the elite level, Dettol will strengthen one of Cricket Australia's key roles. Supporting the work of community clubs and volunteers for players of all ages across the country.

Protocols have been put in place to ensure cricket can be played with confidence in summer national-level competitions this year. Dettol will supply products to the currently 3,455 cricket clubs that provide players with reliable germ protection.

Through the partnership, Dettol will also help inspire and reinforce new hygiene behavior changes in the next generation of Australians, through both community cricket and Dettol's school healthy habits program.

“We feel extremely happy and proud to be working with Reckitt Benckiser. Dettol is such a well known and trusted brand with a long history, both here in Australia and around the world, and their support will instill confidence in protecting the return of community and elite cricket this summer, ”said Nick Hockley , Cricket Australia Interim CEO.

"Beyond this summer, we look forward to working with Dettol to incorporate hygienic behavior changes through cricket in schools, clubs and communities."

Dave Rankine, Regional Director of RB Health ANZ, owner of the Dettol brand, said: “We are excited to bring Dettol's expertise to Cricket Australia and to work together to protect the sport so many Australians love, so that our national teams don't play participating in games yourself through community clubs. Our partnership with Cricket Australia will help embed critical hygiene habits into the lives of all Australians as we step into the new normal. "

“At Dettol we have been committed to protecting the moments that matter most to Australians for over 80 years. It is important that we all continue to play our roles as industry leaders to cement key hygiene practices in how all Australians work together as a nation to protect tomorrow. "

As restrictions ease across the country, Dettol's partnership with Cricket Australia will help educate the cricket community about the important role we all play in curbing the spread of germs so that players, spectators and families feel safer when they return and feel more secure in community sports.

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