Deliveroo nonetheless booming regardless of restaurant return

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Deliveroo expressed that take-away service is still booming despite the return of restaurants and the lifting of lockdown restrictions.

The company found that while the average order size is falling, from £ 24.20 a year ago to £ 23.80. The grocery delivery company reported a 59% increase in UK orders between July and September, partly due to new partnerships with Amazon and Morrisons.

“We expect another strong performance for the remainder of the year,” said Will Shu, Founder and CEO.

Deliveroo recorded 35.8 million orders in the UK and Ireland compared to 22.6 million in the same period in 2020. Including international orders, the number rose from 45.4 million to 74.6 million, an increase of 64%. The company said the average customer ordered 3.3 times a month between July and September, “despite the widespread removal of lockdown restrictions.”

The company was strengthened by a deal with Amazon to offer Amazon Prime customers one year of free access to its premium subscription service Deliveroo Plus.

This has doubled the membership of the delivery service, which offers free unlimited delivery on orders over £ 25.

Deliveroo also said it benefited from a new fast-paced shopping service called Deliveroo Hop, launched in September in partnership with Morrisons.

Mr. Shu said that “We [Deliveroo] We continue to appreciate the opportunity and plans ahead of us to bring better value to our consumers, help our restaurant and grocery partners grow, and bring more opportunities to drivers. ”

In August, the company released its first results since going public in March of this year. It announced that it had reduced its pre-tax loss to £ 104.8 million from £ 128.4 million the previous year.