Covid-19, Digital Advertising; Right here Are High Trending On-line Programs In 2021

Covid, online professional programs;  Here are the hottest courses in 2021

End of year 2021: trend rates over the course of the year

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New Delhi:

While most academic courses were suspended in 2021 due to the ongoing Covid pandemic, several online courses were provided by Study Webs of Active Learning for Young Aspiring Minds (SWAYAM), Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs), and other institutions and platforms this year were in trend. Since colleges and universities hold correspondence courses, students have enrolled in online courses because of its easy accessibility and simple course format.

Given the developments over the past five years and unprecedented Covid times, there has been a significant increase in courses related to artificial intelligence, machine learning, cybersecurity and data, according to Amrita Ghulati, academic director of the International Career and College Counseling (IC3) Institute Science, digital marketing, business analysis, and healthcare.

“The increase in courses in entrepreneurship and innovation across different educational levels, which are also embedded in some established, traditional courses, is particularly interesting. Another noticeable trend is the tendency towards broader, inter- and multidisciplinary courses – T-shaped training with an interdisciplinary breadth, coupled with depth or specialization in one or two areas, ”added the academic director of the IC3 Institute.

In addition, the second wave of Covid that hit the country earlier this year prompted medical professionals and health care executives to delve into courses to learn what the virus is all about and how to deal with affected patients.

At the end of the year, let’s take a look at the emerging courses in 2021.

Academic writing

The Academic Writing course is one of the emerging SWAYAM certificate courses that aim to fill the gap by providing knowledge for effective and results-oriented academic writing. The course is a foundation course and learning depends on how a learner conducts research in a particular area. Students can take the Academic Writing course in SWAYAM. The course duration is 15 weeks and the course is in line with university oversight, University Grants Commission’s pre-PhD courses.

Digital marketing

With the spread of the Internet and online activities, so has the scope of digital marketing. Digital marketing encompasses topics such as content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), social media and marketing analytics.

Peace and conflict management

The Course in Peace and Conflict Management is one of Swayam’s online courses aimed at teaching the concept of peace and the role of peace in human development. The Peace and Conflict Management course also aims to impart theories and types of conflict, conflict management methods and contemporary peace initiatives to the learners.

Blockchain courses

The blockchain courses are designed to help technical and non-technical learners with key concepts. The Kerala Blockchain Academy under the state Digital University of Kerala offered two free basic programs in blockchain technology.


The robotics course was also trending in 2021. The Robotics course is one of the free SWAYAM online courses from the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bangalore and is aimed at PhD and Masters students in Electrical / Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science. Students from all engineering disciplines, researchers and practicing engineers can take courses in robotics at SWAYAM. The robotics course in the SWAYAM platform is an eight-week course.

Covid-19 contract tracking

The Covid-19 Contract Tracking course is aimed at doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. This course helps learners take a unified and evidence-based approach to saving the lives of patients affected by Covid.


With students and professionals working remotely in 2021, many learners have enrolled for language courses. A study published in the journal Scientific Reports also found that learning foreign languages ​​improved the elasticity of the brain and its ability to code information.

Data science

Data science courses are all the rage in 2021. Data science courses enable a student to analyze data or information from various sources and gain maximum insights. Data science courses were offered by the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs), including in Delhi and Madras.

The IIT Madras BSc in Programming and Data Science was launched in 2020 and is the first online degree offered by an IIT.

The digital transformation really showed the way in 2021, and full-stack software and product development, cloud computing, data science and other technologies were the most important prerequisites for the implementation of this transformation, Abhishek Arora, EVP and Business Head, Skills and Careers Business, NIIT Ltd said.

Arora added that NIIT is in the process of developing free content for its learners and trainees and deepening it to make them fit for the future, adding, “With Industry 4.0 there is a general trend towards courses that focus on, among other things Automation, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence focus, and a learner who is equipped with these sought-after skills tends to have an advantage with recruiters, which in addition to better job opportunities also offers many other advantages, such as competitive advantages, equipped with knowledge of real projects Etc.”