Consultancy giants announce formidable new internet zero objectives

EY will reduce power consumption in the office and source 100 percent renewable energy on its way to zero

EY will reduce power consumption in the office and source 100 percent renewable energy on its way to zero

EY confirms it intends to achieve net zero emissions by 2025 as KPMG announces a target to do so by 2030

Two of the world’s largest professional service companies announced ambitious goals this week to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and ensure net zero status within the next decade.

With combined sales of more than $ 60 billion, EY and KPMG each unveiled a range of measures to achieve net zero emissions and improve their environmental credentials by releasing comprehensive new sustainability strategies.

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EY confirmed Monday that it aims to go “carbon negative” this year by significantly reducing its absolute emissions and removing and offsetting more of the carbon it emits. The aim is to support a longer-term goal of becoming a zero-emission net organization by 2025.

The company outlined its new net-zero plan in a sustainability statement, which lists seven measures to reduce total emissions by 40 percent on the way to achieving the net-zero target.

New goals include commitments to cut emissions from business travel by 35 percent, reduce overall office power consumption, and source 100 percent renewable energy, and structure power supply contracts through virtual power purchase agreements (PPAs) to introduce more clean power than EY consumes national networks.

The company said it will also work to calculate and reduce the carbon emissions generated by working with customers, investing in services and solutions that help EY customers decarbonize, oblige 75 percent of its suppliers to do so to set scientifically sound emission targets and offset more CO2 than it emits.

“EY has set itself this goal because it is becoming increasingly clear that we must do more together to avert a climate change catastrophe,” said Steve Varley, EY global vice chairman. “We are deeply concerned about science and what it means for our planet. We believe that the right goal is to go negative by 2021 and net zero by 2025, and to reduce our emissions in line with a science-based goal. “

The news came the same week that KPMG released a roadmap today that outlines how the company plans to achieve net zero emissions by 2030 by cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 50 percent and securing 100 percent renewable electricity before going offsets the remaining emissions.

“By leveraging our recruiter, digital skills and expertise, KPMG has the power and responsibility to help shape and guide some of the world’s critical problems,” said Bill Thomas, CEO of KPMG.