Consensus: The Unsung Hero Of Technique

Consensus: The unsung hero of strategy

A key component of any brand strategy is consensus in the brand's leadership team. Without them, the risk of default increases if the full support for the strategy is later lost.

On a recent trip to Boston, I worked with a customer who saw a number of stakeholders clashing on several key issues the brand was facing. Knowing this, I opened the workshop with a story I heard about advertising legend Bill Bernbach a few years ago. In times when opposing views stand in the way of optimal results, his approach may help you as much as I do.

Bill had a small piece of paper in the breast pocket of his jacket. When he was in the middle of a meeting with a customer who had a different point of view than he, he pulled out that piece of paper and read it to himself. There were three words on the sheet of paper: "Maybe he's right."

Bill's wisdom and these three words helped the team unite that day and reach consensus. I found this a valuable reminder that it is advisable in our professional and private lives to take a moment and remember these words when viewpoints meet.

"Maybe he's right." (or maybe she is right.)

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