Companion highlight: An interview with Artefact on Amazon Advertising Cloud

Partner spotlight: An interview with Artefact on Amazon Marketing Cloud

Interview with Thomas Faure – Consulting Director – Data and Digital Marketing, eCommerce Lead at Artefact

Amazon Ads: What is Artefact’s Approach to Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC)?

Thomas Faure: “Advising brands on e-retail strategies and supporting them with online sales has been one of our most important strategic goals in recent years, especially during the COVID-19 period. Working with Amazon Ads, and AMC in particular, is a huge step forward in leveraging multiple signal sources and generating new insights to drive both marketing and category management.

AMC is an important asset to Artefact and our customers for three main reasons:

At Artefact, we use our AMC expertise to provide brands with fast, actionable data-driven insights. For example, in the past few months we’ve supported a large entertainment company that is keen to adjust and optimize its media investments to support new product launches. We were tasked with defining the ideal media format and audience mix to maximize the business impact of your Amazon DSP investment. With AMC we were able to:

  • Analyze the timeliness of the campaign to ensure optimal performance

  • Understand the impact of frequency capping on sales by audience segment

Amazon Ads: What’s your recommendation for an advertiser starting with AMC?

Thomas Faure: “We recommend a four-step approach:

  1. AMC structure:
    At Artefact, we help brands activate AMC instances and facilitate the aggregation of various datasets, including Amazon Ads signals and first-party advertiser datasets. In addition, the evaluation of the data quality is of strategic importance in order to ensure the input relevance and the subsequent analysis consistency.
  2. Map use cases:
    Depending on the business context and brand challenges, different analyzes can be carried out via AMC. Artefact has created a library of audience, measurement, and operations use cases. This allows us to quickly prioritize relevant projects based on the brand’s needs.
  3. Test and learn:
    We recommend a super agile approach by starting with basic small-scale use cases (e.g. a brand / product type x a country), learning from them, making tweaks, and quantifying the business impact. This step can help us quickly capture insights and identify use cases that can be scaled.
  4. Scale:
    The scaling takes advantage of the lessons learned from step three and enables Artefact and branding teams to deploy and leverage a wider range of use cases to further increase business impact across a wider range of products and countries. ”

Amazon Ads: What Unique Tactics Are You Using or Discovering During Your Time at AMC?

Thomas Faure: “For a successful cooperation with AMC, we recommend brands to pay attention to the following areas:

  • Skills – Build a hybrid team made up of business people who understand branding strategy, media professionals who manage advertising campaigns, and data analysts with technical skills.

  • organization – Apply an agile methodology by working in sprints to quickly gain insights from the first AMC use cases, review them with the advertising team, test their efficiency and scalability for wider adoption and optimization.

  • data – Integrate all relevant first, second and third party datasets to explore new use cases with richer signals

  • technology – In addition to using the standard instruction queries, you can also create your own query library for easy repeated use and scaled application in all campaigns and countries. ”

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